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Now Or Never - Now Or Never

Now Or Never
Now Or Never
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 October 2013, 7:49 PM

It is now or never, better today that lose it tomorrow, a personal urge to have a go at something before life will run out, like a stampede outside your door. There have been those that have been cornered by the notion of “live for today”, nothing troubling of course if you think that each passing day might be your last on the face of the earth. However in the music business, it can be inferred as a sort of a hunch, an antagonizing itch needed to be scratched, something that needs to be done right away if not the chance to actually influence on current affairs will pass by so fast as if it was never there. Not sure if the multinational communion of NOW OR NEVER thought about “living for today”, yet I am positive that they wished to expand their boundaries just a bit more in comparison to what they did, and still doing, in their careers as musicians. Featuring veteran existing and ex-members of NIGHTMARE (Joe Amore), PRETTY MAIDS (Ricky Marx / Kenn Jackson) and SULTAN (Ranzo), this new shindig was created to stretch the limits of Heavy Metal, embroidered by a strong influence of the 80’s era along with contemporary assortments, which appeared to be thicker than one would think, revealing similarities as industrialized versions of the members’ own bands along with SINNER, JUDAS PRIEST, JORN and WHITESNAKE among others. “Now Or Never”, via Mausoleum Records, hails as the band’s debut offering, their spread of their newfound Metal dogma.

Frankly folks, this one was quite a tough album to crack, and believe me that in overall it I humbler that it sounds. “Now Or Never” gave the impression of a release that its creators wished for it to head far beyond, like a sort of thinking outside the box, letting the Metalhead / Rocker to envision what he is actually listening to and to be compelled to learn more. As for myself, I noticed that I share this particular conception regarding this album, and there is really no need for a release to be considered as progressed to ascertain that. Generally, “Now Or Never”, in its core, is a fair amalgamation of old and new, past and present of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. However, Pat Liotard’s role within the album’s proceedings as the main man on the keyboards and effects had it out shooting in several directions, which most weren’t exactly soothing.

Slowly Liotard wrapped this Hard N’ Heavy gesture and altered it into a semi mechanized machine. Certainly nothing like RAMMSTEIN or OOMPH of a sort, yet these effects looming over both traditional and modern oriented tunes, felt rather weird and annoying than an authentic contribution or something enjoyable. Gladly, that the songs themselves, without the techy interruptions were on a positive note, heeding past glories along with fairly new ventures consisting of well written riffs, spectacular soloing penetrating deep within with a Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal sense, tight rhythm section with fairly sundry drumming and of course, and sometimes savior of songs, Joe Amore’s to die for vocals subjugating passion and emotions to his will. The awesome catchy Metal anthem “Now Or Never” following a Teutonic flavor and the buildup to become a puncher, “Wind Of Freedom”, I tried getting beyond the industrial interference and found excellence, memorable tracks festering inspiration. “Dying For You” is a pure slow tempo hammer of Hard N’ Heavy magnetism, the breaking point where DIO meets JORN, nearly lost my mind with this one due to a frenzied craze of excitement, nothing too complicated, keyboards far from being exaggerated and a slicing vocal effort that should be noticed. Fulfilling an emotive burning desire for power ballads of the old days, “An Angel By My Side” and “Something’s Missing” cried out with agony. Amore’s vocals had me reminding of Coverdale’s poignant tones within the WHITESNAKE Bluesy ballads, such enchanting moments.

For a debut release, “Now Or Never” is just a little over the fair deal. No doubt that its contents are worthy for anyone who thinks himself as a Metalhead, and I believe that I provided enough proofs to determine that. On the other hand, as a strong suggestion for the next release, no effects, atmospheric keyboards only and just keep up the battle between straightforwardness and affecting exploration. 

3 Star Rating

1. Reach Out For The Sky
2. Now Or Never
3. Wind Of Freedom
4. Brothers
5. Hardened Steel
6. Princess Of Undiscovered Land
7. An Angel By My Side
8. How Do You Feel?
9. Dying For You
10. Who’s In The Mirror?
11. Something’s Missing
12. Weirdo Lullaby
Jo Amore - Vocals
Ricky Marx - Guitars
Kenn Jackson - Bass
Ranzo - Drums
Pat Liotard - Keyboards
Record Label: Mausoleum Records


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