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Nubian Rose - Mental Revolution Award winner

Nubian Rose
Mental Revolution
by Marcus TheRocker at 06 November 2014, 7:29 AM

Every time I get an album from a Swedish band, my love for that country continues to grow as with Sweden, you always get high quality Rock and Metal music. I mean sure there are some exceptions but the overall majority of music that comes out of Sweden is always superb and nothing short of excellent. The latest offering from Sweden comes in the form of the new NUBIAN ROSE album “Mental Revolution” which is out this month on Cargo Records.

The band was formed in 2011 by the lead guitarist Christer Åkerlund after he heard Sofia Lilja sing for the first time and when he did, he knew he found something special as her powerful voice and presence on a stage was nothing short of impressive. Together the two began to write music and a year later in 2012, they released their first self-funded debut album “Mountain” which got a reception like no other as within the first few weeks of release, it was already being played on radio stations in the USA, UK, Italy, France and throughout most of Europe. The success of their debut allowed them to keep writing new music and now they are back with their second album “Mental Revolution”.

When you first listen to it, you can see why their music is so well received as you are immediately presented with some powerful guitar hooks, big melodies and one charismatic vocal performance. This is present in the opening track “War” which starts off with a short mystical intro before launching into a fast paced heavy Rock track which gives you a taster of what to expect from this female fronted Swedish Rock band.

Throughout the record, there are lots of great tracks which will get your heart pounding and your blood pumping including “Time Again”, “Tough Guys Don’t Dance”, “(Taking This) Further” and “The Eye” to name but a few. It’s not all insane in your face Hard Rock though as there is one ballad type track on this album in the form of the beautiful “You Will Never Walk Alone” which has some powerful melodies and choruses.

Time now for a verdict and you know, it’s no surprise that I’d like this what with it being from a Swedish band and all but that of course is never a bad thing as I now have one more band to add to my list of favorite Swedish bands. There is a lot to like with this album as there are some powerful melodies, big choruses, heavy guitar riffs and one amazing vocal performance that will amaze you every time you hear it. Highly recommended if you like Rock and Metal from Sweden like me.

4 Star Rating

1. War
2. Time Again
3. Illuminated Within
4. The Eye
5. Tough Guys Don’t Dance
6. Break Out
7. Higher
8. You Will Never Walk Alone
9. (Taking This) Further
10. All Of Your Love
Sofia Lilja – Vocals
Christer Åkerlund – Lead Guitars
Torbjörn Weijnesjö – Rythm Guitar
Henric Uhrbom – Bass
Tomas Weijnesjö – Drums
Joakim Ahlund – Keyboards
Mats Levén – Backing Vocals
Katarina kammarkör – Choir
Record Label: Limewire / Cargo Records


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