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Nuclear Aggressor - Slow Dismemberment

Nuclear Aggressor
Slow Dismemberment
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 26 February 2017, 2:55 PM

As you might expect from the band’s name and album title, NUCLEAR AGGRESSOR, is a very aggressive Thrash metal band, bordering on Meath Metal most of the time.   They are not going to win any awards for variety but sometimes you don’t need that, especially in Thrash Metal.  This is such a straight forward but bad ass album that rocks from start to finish. Although it’s almost old school in the relentless assault, it never sounds dated.  The album also is paced very well, with the exception of one song, all of them are under five minutes in length.  With just ten tracks, and one of those being an intro, the album is just the right length especially for thrash.

There is one track here that is the standout among an already solid album, “My Last Pulsation.”  It starts out with the typical thrash assault the previous tracks brought, not that is a bad thing.  It pummels your ears until the minute-long mark, changing into a galloping groove that forces your head to bang like its 1985.  At the 2:25 mark, the song does a complete 360 and turns into acoustic guitars, provided by drummer Luka.  Hellvis’s vocals even change, proving he can sing; it’s a deep, somber, almost gothic tone.  Praise must be awarded for the production; the album manages to have a very clear sound but still retains a hard, dirty edge especially with the vocals and the double bass.  Speaking of the double bass, Lika’s foot work is insane, sometimes moving with such aggressive speed the drums sound like a helicopter right above your head.  The very beginning seconds of the third track, “Annihlation of Life,” makes you think there is an apache landing in your yard.  If you listen with head phones like I did…well, your brain is turned into mush.

Luka proves he isn’t just a foot solider behind the kit; on “Wasted Nuclear Youth” his super-fast fills and pounding cymbal work show he can think quick on his feet and keep up with near unstoppable speed at all times. The guitars, provided by Fabio, are made up of riff after riff.  His tone and style is incredibly heavy, favoring a more evil sound than a melodic one.  The doomy, slow riff on “Domination of Sleep” is made all the more menacing by the thrash playing that surrounds it.  “Bliss of the Razor” has a great caustic groove towards the end that really compliments the song as a whole, the guitar leading the charge the whole way.

Hellvis has a raspy death metal growl that adds a special touch of brutal to the bands Thrash assault.   Obviously, he doesn’t display any real range here (with the exception of the last track) with this vocal type but it never gets old.  He growls with a very real conviction and a surprising amount of clarity.  It has just enough of a hook and energy to keep him from getting monotone like a lot of other thrash singers.  He also plays bass and his fretwork is fast, furious and can somehow be heard over the chaos, again thanks to the stellar production.  However, the bass does sound very heavy, managing to not come off as thin because of the speed but rather a very heavy back end.  Bass sometimes isn’t real important in metal but if he didn’t play it, you would definitely notice a change in the band’s sound.   Listening to “Acciao,” and it is clear to me the bass is just as heavy and potent at the guitar.

Slow Dismemberment” is a great thrash metal album that embraces the old school with a heavy, modern, touch.  Fans of KREATOR, SODOM, and SKELETON WITCH should definitely give them a listen.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Chernoblast
2. Slow Dismemberment
3. Domination of the Sheep
4. Annihilation of Life
5. Wasted Nuclear Youth
6. Death to the Hangman
7. Cardiaco Acciaio
8. I Wish You Dead
9. Bliss of the Razor
10. My Last Pulsation
Hellvis – Bass, Vocals
Fabio – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Luka – Drums, Guitars (Acoustic)
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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