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Nuclear Detonation - Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy

Nuclear Detonation
Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy
by V.Srikar at 22 November 2015, 7:45 PM

Yes another Thrash band, another band with Nuclear in its name, another album with Lobotomy in its name; stop judging, will you? So here we got Italian Thrash Metal band NUCLEAR DETONATION (What a cheesy name?!) bringing their debut album “Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy”, which was released earlier this year in March, but it is never old to look at some of the lesser known bands and albums, especially from my favorite sub-genre in Metal – Thrash.

Formed in 2012, NUCLEAR DETONATION has a very interesting sound, as it combing the goodness of SLAYER’s Tommi Arya vocals and the guitar work of Teutonic Thrash Metal to create a unique feeling that keeps you interested. Every song has that sharp guitar work that mercilessly tries to pierce through your ears and still manage to not get monotonous. The album starts with a rhythmic song in “Down To Hell”, full of hair lifting juicy riffs. While I must confess that the vocals initially put me off, on repeated listening, I started liking them more. The backing vocals give a cool anthemic feel to it. “Slow Decay” surprisingly resonates its title as the song starts slowly, building the tempo in a doomy riffage pattern, unlike a Thrash song, but still very interesting and worthy of my time I must say. The riffs are really rhythmic and I could almost envisage and imagine the band playing this song live, creating the dark atmosphere, especially due to the weird Thrashy guttural vocals implemented here. “People Of The Lie” has the bass work of CANNIBAL CORPSE style and the guitar work of ONSLAUGHT, and that my friend creates a unique sound, sometimes not really your typical Thrash sound, but more of a Progressive sound.

A.T.A. (Another Thrash Attack)” creates unnecessary high expectations in your mind due to the title, while the song is nothing but a plethora of rhythm guitar riffs played at fast pace, and you will realize how much effort the lads have put in the technicality of their songwriting, and sometimes that does take a hit on the rawness of the song, but I guess you can’t expect everything from a band’s debut album, can you?. While I can contemplate the first half of the 7:47 min “Living Dead”, as it is a regular fast paced Thrash song, what I can’t is that the band tries to extend the song beyond what’s required and the song only ends up being a solo feast, and actually a bit more than what the listen in me could chew – Thank you. While “Hang The Poser” is rather 1:41 min continuation of the previous song, “Mental Prison” brings in some excellent cheesy riffs to the table worthy of many repeats. The album ends with a fast paced anthemic ST “Nuclear Detonation”, one of the better songs in the album, and an excellent way to end the album and not try extra hard like many modern bands in placing a 7-8 min song at the end.

With an eye catching band logo, but a rather generic album artwork, this debut album surely offers something to munch on for its 35 minutes of its existence, but having said that the album does have its shortcomings like poor writing in the middle and not the best of drum works. With all said and done, pick this album for its unique vocals and guitar work, and also to feast the Thrasher in you.

3 Star Rating

1. Down To Hell
2. Slow Decay
3. People Of The Lie
4. A.T.A. (Another Thrash Attack)
5. Living Dead
6. Hang The Poser
7. Mental Prison
8. Nuclear Detonation
Luca “Detonation” Sergi - Vocals, Guitars
Sergio Tommasini - Bass
Demetrio Nucera - Lead Guitars
Filippo Occhiuto - Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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