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Nuclear - Formula For Anarchy Award winner

Formula For Anarchy
by Claire Taylor at 24 July 2015, 1:54 PM

Formed in 2003, Chilean Thrashers NUCLEAR approach Thrash with force on their latest release 'Formula For Anarchy'. As the album title would suggest, this album is loaded with addictive Thrash riffs and an insanely fast pace, all contributing to an overall aggressive and powerful release.

When we think of a good Thrash album, whether it's EXODUS' "Bonded By Blood" or "Reign In Blood" by SLAYER, what should we expect? On this release, each trackis crammed with skull-crushing aggression and brutal, violent and raw power. Elements that seem pretty important in the Thrash scene. 'Scam 38', the third track on the album stands as the epitome of the Thrash genre and what it stands for. The vocals of Matías Leonicio represent pure, undiluted hostility and his talents going hand in hand with the drumming talents of Punto Sudy only fuels the aggression.

Having said that about "Scam 38", my favorite track has got to be "Self-Righteous Hypocrites" as the pace breaks and variation in rhythm. "Killing Spree" allowed Leonicio to prove his capabilities in slight vocal changes as he took a lower, deeper approach in this track. It is pretty clear that NUCLEAR know exactly what they want to achieve and exactly how they plan to achieve it in regards to the direction of their music.

I loved the overall dystopia and violent vibe on this album, not uncommon in the vast world of Metal! But this album had a lot more substance than many other brutal Thrash artists I have come across (not to make any sweeping generalizations). Whether it is the togetherness of the band themselves or the variety of sounds found across all tracks, "Formula For Anarchy" should rate well to your average Thrasher and will make it near impossible not to bang your head.

4 Star Rating

1. Offender
2. Confront
3. Scam 38
4. Self-Righteous Hypocrites
5. Corporate Corruption
6. Waging War
7. Killing Spree
8. Left For Dead
9. Tough Guy
10. When Four Means None
Matías Leonicio - Vocals
Sebastian Puente - Guitars
Francisco Haussmann - Guitars
Roberto Barría - Bass
Punto Sudy - Drums
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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