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Nuclear Omnicide - The Presense Of Evil

Nuclear Omnicide
The Presense Of Evil
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 June 2013, 11:16 AM

An aggravated assault on the world, a nuclear strike on my head, the pain is immensely great, I am sure the band will be thrilled after reading this. The power of youth along with the rawness of the past, explicit energy discharge that the large part of the veterans lose after a while, is right here at the table with the nonsense accompanied. Enclosed within this album called “The Presense of Evil”, as if trying really hard to gauge and uncloak the enigmatic characters of the other side, lies a true nature of rawness and nativity. A musical being attempting to mass its guts in a show of relentless force, never looking back to think whether it is good or worth enough, this is the story of the Finnish NUCLEAR OMNICIDE and their nasty corroded Thrash Metal debut, via EBM Records. Once again the world is falling down, generations after a nuclear strike that wiped out the very essence of the world population, leaving it to rot and to mutate. Evil remained as just a concept of legends, while reality took over with its ugly, deformed face. If I would do an analogy, NUCLEAR OMNICIDE showed the ugly side of Thrash Metal and its utter biliousness and sickness, but don’t throw up yet.

“The Presense of Evil”, with is vile message of mankind’s future slow rate demise, also proved that this band has yet to come up with something worthwhile in Thrash. Sure that it is easy to notice that they just wanted to lash out of their cage, raising their guns and blades, firing all cylinders, cranking with toughest, nastiest and loudest American meets European Thrash, and pre Death, influence while also incorporating a bit of Punk. Antagonizing riffing, ripping semi shred solos and no compromise rhythms charged in full throttle welcoming the end of everything, while a beastly barking man at the helm of the vocals roared and nearly growled its way into the brain. Though I am Thrash fan, I favored a few of the riffs, it is hard to pass out a few classic reminders and NUCLEAR OMNICIDE were able to revamp some of those old riffs rather decently. Nonetheless, this band’s prominent accomplishment was with deliverance of the guitar soloing. Several of those lead guitar lines might sound slightly sloppy and messy, but listening carefully will let you experience a twin of guitarists that has a great respect for traditional and 80s Thrash Metal, more of the SLAYERish kind and not a cheap imitation as it would seem, as well.

It is not that I didn’t feel challenged, because it wasn’t a mind game, but even with their well-engineered sound and musical intent to be mad, angry and extremely despicable and callous; all I could conjure within my head is a reprise of too many old stuff, and somewhat boring arrangements that sometimes resembled a bombarded jungle with no tricks. Furthermore, and it barely happens, is the fact that it was a bit difficult for yours truly to endure the vocal line, those grouchy, raspy toned, slants at times were hard to bear. Though my disappointment with this festive carnage, I was able to raise a few ticking moments with “Mr. Rabbit”, as if was taken from a B horror movie but quite a pile of bleeding Metal, and the Thrash epic path into the hallowed darkness that closes this worldwide contraption of destruction, “The Presence of Evil”. NUCLEAR OMNICIDE are still at the beginning of their journey. They should stick to their guns, but also learn to compose songs that would inspire Thrasher to do more than just bleed the pit, but also to instigate ripeness and slight articulation along the aggression.

2 Star Rating

1. Blood Currency
2. Biotech
3. Unleash Yourself
4. Dedicating Your Life for Nothing
5. Nuclear Omnicide
6. Lethal Obsession
7. Worthless
8. Mr. Rabbit
9. Koodinimi Koskenkorva
10. The Presence of Evil
Benny Raivio – Bass / Vocals
Alex Anttila - Drums
Mikael Ignatius - Guitar
Kasper Koutonen - Guitar
Record Label: EBM Records


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