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Nuclear Revenge – Dawn of the Primitive Age Award winner

Nuclear Revenge
Dawn of the Primitive Age
by Leanne Evans at 07 July 2021, 10:37 PM

The Basque black thrashers, NUCLEAR REVENGE, are back to cause harm, audially maim and forge atrocities of demoniac proportions! These depraved thrash devils have reigned in terror, raised hell and committed many a sin since 2012, sharing the stage with quite the clutch of names, including DESTROYER 666, BLITZKRIEG, DEATHHAMMER and many others. The band’s delightfully wretched debut LP, “Let the Tyrants Rise”, showcased these odious metal demons and now, the unhallowed rambunctious thrash quartet has resurfaced and emerged from the tenebrous corners of the most insidious place, with their lustreless black shroud, ready to impale you on their scythe of sonic putridity. NUCLEAR REVENGE radiate their sulphurous deeds, making even dosimeters run for cover for fear of radiation sickness, in their explosive sophomore full-length, “Dawn of the Primitive Age”.  Here to desecrate and annihilate, the black flame of NUCLEAR REVENGE burns both dark and bright, in the band’s latest delightfully dank and fiery release.

Opening the deathly crypt, “Agonic Tormentor” bounds in with pure splitting aggression, riffs flay, drums torment, forked tongue vocals spit… it’s an incantation to Lucifer himself! The punishing melody teases with a smattering of dissonance, and there’s a welcome audial comfort blanket of VENOM and POSSESSED that delightfully suffocates. The unhallowed calling escalates with evil breakneck speed in “Summon the Nameless Ones”, with inhuman guitar work and a call to Teutonic KREATOR sounds, and cracking the whip of evil, “March of the Undead” serves simplistic structure, yet unnerves with malevolence.

NUCLEAR REVENGE are insidious creatures of the night, reaching the heights of moral turpitude in the latest release, excreting vapours that asphyxiate. The thrash monsters excite with tracks such as “Proclaimed Among the Wicked”, an unsettling beast that offers catchy and chunky riffs, a bass passage filthier than your incontinent nan’s bath water, boundless energy bursting at the seams, as if on a murderous killing spree, offering bloody barbarous brutality. Contrastingly, the creep of death is a conspicuous one in “Dust”, a gradually bone-shattering piece that grinds with its delicious melodic grooves. Meaty cuts are served up thick and fast in the form of title-track “Dawn of the Primitive Age” - with, it has to be said, an especially delicious focus on the bass - making for all-out thrash mayhem, and the same full-on thrash attack displays in the tasty track “Descending Wings of Perversion”, which is layer-upon-layer of stifling sonic sadism.

The contemptible catastrophic onslaught serves to delight and torment in “Dawn of the Primitive Age”, with every drop of NUCLEAR REVENGE’s evil ways poured into each track, creating wholly visceral compositions that course through your veins as each piece pierces and progresses. “Eyes of Revelations” brings some sultry guitar moments that cleanse your palate and SLAYER, KREATOR and HELLRIPPER nuances, whilst “Everlasting Void” delivers high-octane fuelled incessance. To bookend the album, “…From the Crypt” thrusts its crown jewels in your face, forcibly chugging insatiable riffs down your throat, executing a glut of eardrum bursting barbarity and whiplash-inducing brilliance… the solos will also get you by the short and curlies pretty damn good…

These sonically sexy, sinister, speedy Spaniards plunge you into abyssal depths, making you dance amongst the flames of hell with the Devil himself with each listen of “Dawn of the Primitive Age”. Each cut creates a battlefield of sound, combining gut-wrenching rage and a savage bloodthirsty attack of epic proportions, all driven by full-throttle speed, producing vicious tachycardic thrash at its finest. NUCLEAR REVENGE has created an unhallowed slab of black-hearted brilliance and, frankly, it’s all the unholy “Mary Mother of God, FUCK YES!” from me.

Experience the intoxicating mushroom cloud of sound courtesy of NUCLEAR REVENGE at your peril and grab your copy of this black thrash beast from July 30th.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Agonic Tormentor
2. Summon the Nameless Ones
3. March of the Undead
4. Proclaimed Among the Wicked
5. Dust
6. Dawn of the Primitive Age
7. Descending Wings of Perversion
8. Eyes of Revelations
9. Everlasting Void
10. …From the Crypt
Cryptic Aggressor – Vocals, Guitars
Pestilence Breeder – Guitars
Skullreaper – Bass
Speedhammer – Drums
Record Label: Awakening Records


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