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Nuclear Storm – Tales from the Depths

Nuclear Storm
Tales from the Depths
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 06 June 2022, 2:07 PM

NUCLEAR STORM are a Metal band hailing from Germany and formed in 2005. Following the release of their debut album, they disbanded for about 10 years. Now they return with their second full-length album after this period of inactivity. “Tales from the Depths” contains nine tracks. “The Animal” leads off the album. It opens with charming but somewhat solemn clean guitar notes. Drums roll in slowly, as the guitars pick up in layers. The vocals are horrid and the production is just a bit off. Much of the power in the song comes from the chorus, where lead guitar notes carry the sound forward.

“The Crew” is a shorter song with a simple riff and chilling vocals. The band has the basic blueprint of Melodic Death Metal down, but they do need to explore over some of the boundaries a bit. “The Empire” begins with short piano notes before the riff comes rumbling in with thickness. There is just a bit of phasing here which I can pick up on. The keyboards are a nice addition to their sound, however. “The Great White” opens with spoken words, and the sounds of the sea crashing against the shore. The main riff is both hefty and memorable. Although it is nothing new, the band performs it with outright fearlessness. The clean vocals are lamenting in nature.

“Deadman’s Island” opens with charming piano notes, and I would like to hear more of this on the album. The entering riff dances around with the addition of lead guitar notes, and it stays pretty lively throughout. “Evil Spirit” is another slow grind of hatred and with harrowing, shouted vocals. The backing vocals in the chorus are decent, but the song fails to really make an impact on me. “Eye for an Eye” feature some nice drum work to go along with the energetic riff. The lead guitar sections on the album needs a little work, however, as evidenced by the overly simple guitar solos. “Fate of Mankind” has a slightly faster pace but again and overreliance on the open chord to carry the message. The backing vocals provide a little diversity, but it isn’t enough to overcome the formula here.

“Undertaker” closes the album. The opening guitar work is a little complex and the band’s attempt is noted. The sound is just too simple, and the cleans are a bit pitchy. Without many clean vocals, the band limits themselves to a singular sound, which is fine, but in this case will also require them to bring new dimensions to their music in order to separate them from their peers. Vary the pacing more, vary the sound more, anything. Unfortunately, they failed to do much of this on their new album. It was a decent listen, but nothing new.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 4
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. The Animal
2. The Crew
3. The Empire
4. The Great White
5. Deadman´s Island
6. Evil Spirit
7. Eye for an Eye
8. Fate of Mankind
9. Undertaker
Denis F. – Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards
Wolfgang Dreiseitel – Vocals (session)
Flo T. – Drums
Basti H. – Guitars
A. Föttinger – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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