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Nuclear Warfare - Just Fucking Thrash

Nuclear Warfare
Just Fucking Thrash
by Patrick Eden at 27 November 2014, 10:39 PM

Ok, let’s face it, an album entitled, “Just Fucking Thrash”, is going to be made up entirely of just fucking Thrash, and frankly, I don’t really have a problem with that. Since their formation in 2001, NUCLEAR WARFARE have been steady purveyors of mediocre Thrash Metal, and with this, their fourth effort, they continue along the same lines almost exactly.

The sad truth is that there is nothing new in this record that hasn’t been played a thousand times, by a thousand different bands from the 1980’s to the present day. It’s got everything you’d expect, medium to fast paced shredding, and that style of vocals where you can’t work out whether the guy is trying to do death growls, shrieks, rasps or just has an exceptionally sore throat. But the thing that annoys me most is the production, which feels like it’s been deliberately over-produced in order to sound raw. Which may sound weird to read, but sounds worse to hear.

None of the tracks really grabbed me at all. Possibly “The Sniper Strikes Again” is alright, and the tongue in cheek lyrics to “Circle Of Thirst”, were occasionally bordering on witty, but in all honesty that really is about it. The rest of the album is a collection of the same old stuff that NUCLEAR WARFARE have been peddling for over a decade now, and it’s beginning to run out of steam.

I hold a strong dislike for people who refer to an album as ‘soulless’ or say the band aren’t trying, I wouldn’t call this record soulless, but at the very least “Just Fucking Thrash” sounds just fucking uninspired. Granted the band’s music has always been quite repetitive, but I feel that there comes a point when variation is needed. I found this album a bit of a struggle to get through multiple times, simply because you’ve heard it all before. For diehard fans of old school Thrash, it may be worth a try. But for everyone else I wouldn’t recommend it.

2 Star Rating

1. Great Evil
2. Just Fucking Thrash
3. Place Of Slaughter
4. Ich Mag Bier
5. Atomic Disaster
6. Acts Of Cruelty
7. The Sniper Strikes Again
8. Let The War Begin
9. Break Away
10. Circle Of Thirst
11. Possession
13. Thrash Metal Polizei
Fritz - Vocals, Bass
Listl - Guitar
Pit - Guitar
Xandao - Bass
Record Label: MDD Records


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