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Nuclear Warfare - Lobotomy

Nuclear Warfare
by John Foley at 16 September 2020, 2:33 AM

Rocking since 2001 we have the fourth album by German thrash metal trio NUCLEAR WARFARE. Released in August 2020 is “Lobotomy” and if you like your thrash metal to be full on in your face and take no prisoners then this is the band and album from you. Opening with the title track we have “Lobotomy” and it kicks off with a bang. Throughout this song you can hear many style mixed in with their thrash metal approach. With a punk sort of vibe here and there this makes for a fun song and a great album opener.

“Gladiator” is a song that opens with a cool bass line that is complimented by a clean guitar sound. Then we get this melodic but evil sounding twin guitar lick that reminds me a little bit of “Dead Skin Mask” by SLAYER. We then get frantic sounding thrash riffs and a guitar solo that really kicks some ass. This is a really great song. After that one we get the lovely titled “Fuck Face”. This song is just a full on thrash metal assault. With this one the band are not fucking around here and throws at us a guitar solo that really adds something sweet to the track.

A really cool clean melodic guitar intro for the song “The Blood Lord Will Return”. Then the real thrash metal just explodes right into the listener without warning. You can really hear the circle pits opening up with this song. This is definitely one of the best songs on Lobotomy. Nearing the end of the album we get the song “Death by Zucchini”. This is a really fun song with a very MISFITS vibe to it. This song does sound very different to everything else on the album but fits at the same time. Well worth checking out. We have come to the last song on the album and this one is “Ages of Blood”. A very epic sounding intro and then right into full on thrash metal madness. With this song NUCLEAR WARFARE are leaving a final impression on the listener and really kicking some serious ass while doing so.

Lobotomy has a very old school thrash metal feel to it with tiny hints of death and black metal mixed into the mix. The vocals here sound very much like SLAYER which is an awesome thing. Present here are some really cool guitar riffs. A few solos appear on the album but not in every song like with most thrash metal bands. The solos aren’t your typical thrash metal solos either but they do add something really cool to the songs and they do kick a lot of ass. With this album the band sounds like they a lot of fun with making some cool music with makes for this to be a really fun listen too.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Lobotomy
2. Bombshell Disease
3. Gladiator
4. Fuck Face
5. Betrayers from Hell
6. The Blood Lord Will Return
7. They Live
8. Death by Vucchini
9. Ages of Blood
Fritz – Vocals and Bass
Listl – Guitar
Xandao – Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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Edited 27 November 2022

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