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Nuclear Assault - Third World Genocide (CD)

Nuclear Assault
Third World Genocide
by Grigoris Chronis at 20 July 2005, 8:45 AM

I was really looking forward to this release, both as a reviewer and - basically - as a fan of the band. Too many reasons: i) excellent albums in the past - Game Over (1986), Survive (1988) and Handle With Care (1989) - that placed Nuclear Assault among top Thrash acts worldwide, ii) monumental 'neckbreaking' tunes like Critical Mass, Rise From The Ashes or Live, Suffer, Die, iii) Dan Lilker (you rule, man…), iv) great logo/lyrical themes and much more reasons you don't wanna know right now. Still, Third World Genocide kinda hurt my feelings…
Dan Lilker is a god! Hmm, I've said this before, I think… Anyway, everywhere this luna has played to its killer music that comes out proudly. Be it the Anthrax MK I, S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth or anything else, his spirit remains not only untouched but - furthermore- evil and occult as hell. I always loved Glenn Evans' drum work also - check Critical Mass, Brainwashed, Game Over or Sin from the band's discography - while their sense of humor-meets-sarcasm (a Lilker's idea, judging from the whole S.O.D. bio) was cleverly added to their anxiousness 'bout this god damn planet. Out Of Order (1991) was not bad; still I saw it as the less interesting N.A. effort. Haven't heard Something Wicked (1993) though, so I was worried to see what 2005 beheld for another 'reunited' act.
I don't like Third World Genocide, even if the same-titled opening tune is 'hopeful'.. First of all, the production/mix is average; not to say irritating at times. Vocals are half-buried and there's no volume or the 80's high-pitch scratch. Maybe these times are long gone, but why the hell do these bands reunite? Still, the music is what counts and I dare to say this:
Either I got tired from this album and I should stick to my classic Metal sounds or there's hardly any creativity in these tracks. So, let's make the usual test: grab out the Survive album and put the needle (yes, my friend, vinyl!) on. 'Gagaga-ga-gaga-ga-gagagagaga'… Holy shit! The vinyl issue from 1986 has a way better production than a 2005 CD release! Conclusion: inspiration is time-independent. I may have moved my neck, foot or anything else with some interesting rhythms/riffs in Price Of Freedom, Discharged Reason or Living Hell, however you can't afford the money for just some interesting riffs in an era that a new album comes out every 66,6 minutes. Whine And Cheese or Long Haired Asshole would definitely suit better a - remaining - good album better, but here is the case that I can't laugh at…
I just think this album was written on the run, in one week's time…
Sorry, it's just the feedback I got. I love Nuclear Assault's earlier works - recommended, all of them - but I see no reason for this album. It's not good, it definitely is not bad; it just has nothing to say to an objective fan of this 75% original members quartet. Just don't ask if this is recommended as a first taste for someone not familiar with the band.
(Connelly's voice did something to me, I admit… grab a point from there…)

2 Star Rating

Third World Genocide
Price Of Freedom
Human Wreckage
Living Hell
Whine And Cheese
Defiled Innocence
Discharged Reason
Fractured Minds
The Hockey Song
Eroded Liberty
Long Haired Asshole
Glenn's Song
Eric Burke - Guitar
John Connelly - Guitar & Vocals
Glenn Evans - Drums
Danny Lilker - Bass & Vocals
Record Label: SPV


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