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Nuclear Assault - Louder Harder Faster (CD)

Nuclear Assault
Louder Harder Faster
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 05 May 2007, 10:32 AM

I just realized that I have never reviewed a DVD release. There couldn't be a better way to lose my DVD reviewing virginity! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to NUCLEAR ASSAULT, one legendary Thrash Metal band that haunts the fretboard of my bass for years now! When I saw this DVD arriving at the Metal Temple headquarters, I didn't let anyone get close to it! It's mine, my precious! So, after my Thrash Metal delirium, I can start writing this review under the sounds of NUCLEAR ASSAULT and the influence of an ice-cold beer!

NUCLEAR ASSAULT is well known for the release of two monumental Thrash Metal albums, Survive (1988) and Handle With Care (1989). I also have to inform you that longtime member Danny Lilker has also played in bands like ANTHRAX (he was basically a former member of the band), S.O.D. and BRUTAL TRUTH. If I am not mistaken this must be NUCLEAR ASSAULT's first DVD release. Anyway, I do not want to be racist, but if someone doesn't know this band, he should better stop reading and go listen to some SLAYER, TESTAMENT and old METALLICA and then return to continue reading this review. Thank you!

So, die hard thrashers, this is the best chance for you to witness the live performances of a legendary Thrash Metal titan. NUCLEAR ASSAULT just released a DVD full of pure Thrash Metal, as well as bonus goodies for your ears and your eyes! First, you can watch a live show the band recorded in Louder Harder Faster Festival in May 2005. The show contains classics like Critical Mass (I love this song!) and Game Over. The band seems full of energy as John Connelly gets off stage for a while and enters the audience. He gets his guitar and a microphone with him and sings while some guys from the crowd scream along! So, after the main part of this DVD, you can also watch some vintage live footage from places like Hammersmith (where the band played a fucking awesome cover of LED ZEPPELIN's Good Times, Bad Times), CBGB's, New Jersey Metal Fest, a live show in Japan and a 85' show, as well as a rehearsal! But the bonus madness won't stop here! The DVD contains two bonus video clips (Price Of Freedom and Long Haired Asshole), two unreleased songs, a video from the studio, slide shows that were originally put to the original Survive demos and an interview with Danny Lilker and Glenn Evans. Still not satisfied? I don't think so!

I think that thrashers (and not only) just found their new audio and visual love! Enjoy your Thrash Metal orgasm! I am pretty sure that you will be focused on your TV (or PC) screen until the end of this DVD, you may be asking for more when it is over! NUCLEAR ASSAULT just tipped us with a great DVD, something that I was waiting for to happen for a few years now. Fuck, I still haven't been bored of watching it! Gather your friends, grab some beers and enjoy a night full of Thrash Metal holocaust!

4 Star Rating

Rise From The Ashes
New Song
Critical Mass
Game Over/Butt Fuck
Price Of Freedom
Long Haired Asshole
Trail Of Tears
Vintage Live Footage
Slide Shows
Music Videos
In The Studio Footage
Unreleased Songs
Interview With Danny Lilker And Glenn Evans
John Connelly - Vocals, Guitar
Danny Lilker - Bass, Vocals
Anthony Bramante - Guitar
Glenn Evans - Drums
Record Label: Locomotive Records


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