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Nuclear Blast Allstars - Out Of The Dark (CD)

Nuclear Blast Allstars
Out Of The Dark
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 26 August 2007, 7:22 PM

Nuclear Blast is celebrating the 20-year presence in the Metal scene by releasing two compilations Into The Light and Out Of The Dark featuring fresh compositions with guest musicians from bands belonging to the label's powerful roster.
The first compilation has been already discussed and reviewed by the Metal Temple crew (go ahead and read it if you haven't!) and was the brain child of RAGE's multi-talented guitarist Victor Smolski. The second Nuclear Blast treat, bears a more aggressive and heavier profile than the first and comprises ten songs that were composed, produced and played by the ex-SOILWORK guitarist Peter Wichers. Peter got additional help in the drum work by his good friends Dirk Verbeuren (SOILWORK, SCARVE) and Henry Ranta (ex-SOILWORK, TERROR 2000) to top things off.
The Melodic Death Metal scene (a.k.a. Gothenburg sound) is the main subject and backbone in the 10 songs with some finishing touches to remind of the guest musician's musical ancestry. In the guest list we find John Bush, who makes his first studio appearance after his departure from ANTHRAX some years ago, by lending his powerful and melodic voice in Paper Trail. This track falls off the Melodic Death Metal category and reminds of the almighty ARMORED SAINT with the dirty Rock 'n' Roll down tuned guitars. Anders Friden performs his well known vocals in Dysfunctional Hours that could be easily found a place in an IN FLAMES album. Nuclear Blast didn't miss the chance to bring their favourite child and rising act SONIC SYNDICATE in the catchy, groovy and mainstream The Gilded Dagger. Mr. multi-band and relentless Peter Tangtgren brings some HYPOCRISY/PAIN atmosphere in the emotional Schizo that also features some very good lead guitar work. Things become really aggressive with Death/Black Metal finishing touches in Devotion and Cold Is My Vengeance that pay the proper respect to WINTERSUN and KATAKLYSM, respectively. Peter Wichers has done an excellent job in the production of the album creating a solid and powerful sound that enhances the original character of each guest musician.
The second CD is really nothing special since it contains some old and new tracks as well as three songs that were bonus tracks on the corresponding Japan or USA original releases. The album could do better on the overall grading if only it contained more songs (it lasts 41 minutes) and probably something more enticing in the second CD.

3 Star Rating

Disc 1

Dysfunctional Hours (feat. Anders Friden - IN FLAMES)
Schizo (feat. Peter Tagtgren - HYPOCRISY)
Devotion (feat. Jari Maenpaa - WINTERSUN)
The Overshadowing (feat. Christian Alvestam - SCAR SYMMETRY)
Paper Trail (feat. John Bush - ex-ANTHRAX)
The Dawn Of All (feat. Bjorn Speed Strid - SOILWORK)
Cold Is My Vengeance (feat. Maurizio Iacono - KATAKLYSM)
My Name Is Fate (feat. Mark Osegueda - DEATH ANGEL)
The Gilded Dagger (feat. Richard Sjunnesson & Roland Johansson - SONIC SYNDICATE)
Closer To The Edge (feat. Guillaume Bideau - MNEMIC)

Disc 2

The Heretic Hammer (by DIMMU BORGIR)
Tyrants (by IMMORTAL)
As He Creates, So He Destroys (by NILE)
Purge The World (by EXODUS)
Ghost (by ANTHRAX)
Future Breed Machine (by MESHUGGAH)
Kingdome Of Heartache (by CHIMAIRA)
Prisoner Of War (by ALL SHALL PERISH)
All Is Not Forgotten (by AGNOSTIC FRONT)
Counterbalance (by THREAT SIGNAL)
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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