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Nuit D'Encre - De l'autre côté

Nuit D'Encre
De l'autre côté
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 19 September 2022, 11:32 AM

NUIT D'ENCRE is the musical project of a single man which brings us into a universe where Sludge, Doom and Post-Metal influences merge with brighter atmospheres with Post-Rock tints. After several projects with bands ranging from Metal to Progressive Rock, and an EP with Fused Box/Rock-Prog, Franswa Felt decided to compose and record "Sans Maux Dire…" NUIT D'ENCRE's first album. Now, he returns with his sophomore effort, which contains eight songs.

“Mille lieux hostiles” is the first. It’s a slow, weighted and heavy groove, with eerie and ominous leanings. The background elements are shadowy and dark, like a waking beast taking his first steps. “L'être morte” is another lumbering affair of grey clouds and obscure pictures, until some solemn melodies come out. It retreats again, with thick bass notes and tenuous drumming, and the somber melodies return once more towards the end. “L'enfant éphémère” begins with clean guitars but is still quite murky. Akin to waking partially from a dream, you are not sure whether or not your visions are based in reality. The bass thumps away as charming elements come through for just a few moments.

“De l'autre côté” is a heavier offering of thick rhythms and eerie background elements. The grey skies have turned to black as a storm can be seen on the horizon. The storm rages for a few minutes, retreats, then returns. “Les sangs abris” is another dark offering of the ambient time that exists between downpours from a storm. Lightening just enough for some sun to get through, the downpours are horrible and damaging. “À travers les ombres” opens with lighter tones, but that darkness is still pretty filling in the background. Here is where we get some Post-Rock elements. They are subtly quite pretty, and flow into the heavier passages with nice transitions.

“Faim d'un rêve” features a nice mixture of somber, Post-Rock elements with heavier, depressive elements. The sensitive beast is doomed to walk the earth alone, and you can feel his burden with each heavy footstep. “Incertain jour” closes the album. The mood is finally calm as the sun sets on the day, and you have tomorrow to look forward to. The Post-Rock elements in this song are very beautiful. In summary, the mostly subtle Post-Rock elements are very nice, and provide some texture to the mostly dark album. I do hear a good deal of Doom, Sludge, and even Post-Metal elements. This album was pretty personal and fairly unique as well, and the songs were composed with care and consideration. The genre bending style will appeal to fans of any of the aforementioned genres I believe.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

Purchase Link:

4 Star Rating

1. Mille lieux hostiles
2. L'être morte
3. L'enfant éphémère
4. De l'autre côté
5. Les sangs abris
6. À travers les ombres
7. Faim d'un rêve
8. Incertain jour
Franswa Felt – Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer
Eric Dunnet – Drums
Record Label: Bitume Records


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