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Nuklear Frost - Subjugation

Nuklear Frost
by Matt Johnson at 22 September 2014, 9:57 PM

In a sense, Black Metal is one of the genres, which, though it has been around for decades, still has a lot of untapped and undiscovered potential. There are many facets to the genre and though the general sound structure is consistent, there are innumerable interpretations of it. Offering their own interpretation, NUKLEAR FROST adds some freshness to a genre, which has otherwise lost some of the originality.

With a focus on a frozen, godless, post-nuclear world and the countless aspects and implications, this band has constructed an album just as bleak as their name implies. Perhaps the world will never fall under the curse of a nuclear winter, but should it, this album would serve as a soundtrack to the survivors as they trudge across a wasteland of horror and suffering in search of answers and a way to start over.

In terms of Black Metal, this album would be one of the less aggressive, mellower variety, though no one should mistake that for being a lack of aggression, as there is plenty of audio onslaught to be experienced. There are well-constructed melodies throughout the guitar progressions of each track, and I found enough variety to keep me entertained as I listened to each song.

Unlike many other bands in Black Metal, there are really no satanic undertones on "Subjugation". Just as well, there are also no nine or ten-minute, generic tracks, only present to stuff as many extra guitar riffs in as possible so that none of the creativity went to waste during recording. The longest song on this album is eight and a half minutes, well within the tolerable range of song lengths. The average length is about 4 minutes, so this album keeps the presentation of its musical contents simple.

No frills here, only chills, as NUKLEAR FROST have delivered a great and diverse piece of work, describing the sadness and anger that anyone caught in a frigid global holocaust of a post-nuclear war would experience. Wonderfully epic.

3 Star Rating

1. Uranium Censer
2. Theist Holocaust
3. In the Name of Nothing
4. Vortex of Horror
5. Charnel Ditch
6. The Failure of Altruism
7. Become Death
R - Throat
J - Strings, Throat
M - Strings, Throat
D - Battery
Record Label: Independent


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