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Nunslaughter - Red is the Color of Ripping Death Award winner

Red is the Color of Ripping Death
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 06 October 2021, 12:36 PM

When Black Metal was born, by the hands of VENOM, it was just a form of music based on MOTÖRHEAD along with influences from Punk Rock and JUDAS PRIEST, and the British trio had an extreme influence on the first wave of bands of German Thrash Metal. But after BATHORY and SARCÓFAGO came, they changed the rules, and MAYHEM and others took things to another level. But still today, some bands chose to use a form of the genre between the early days and before the coming of the Second Wave (that started back on the early days of the 90’s). One of them is the North American quartet NUNSLAUGHTER, a veteran band that is ready for another hellish assault, as can be heard on “Red is the Color of Ripping Death”.

The quartet started its career back in 1985 (under the name of DEATH SENTENCE), so to say that they prefer to use an Old form of Black/Thrash Metal with influences of Old School Death Metal isn’t something to astonish the fans. No, they prefer to play in that way that was sharpened throughout all these year. They show personality, and a brutal and massive energy that is hard to resist. They really play in a personal way, and unlike many clones that just copy others’ works, these guys have a lot of to say and teach. Yes, it’s a very good release, indeed. They chose Noah Buchanan to make the recordings, the mixing and the mastering, and they seem to have controlled the production in their hands. And things really work in a great way, because the sonority is abrasive and nasty, and fits in their music. But the efforts were done in a way that is defined and allows everyone to have a clear understanding of what they’re up to.

Working in a way that isn’t so simple for many to understand (the old ways, but with personality, and using the elements they want, and never fitting on a particular model), they show why they’re a legend throughout all the songs. But “Murmur” and “Broken and Alone” (two extreme fast songs, showing the inherited Hardcore influences from Black/Thrash Metal, both with very goods snarls on vocals), the catchy guitar riffs of “To a Whore” and on “Banished” (both with very good contrasts between fast and slow moments), the massive rhythmic blow given by “Red is the Color of Ripping Death” (very good and simple work on bass guitar and drums), the massacring aggressive hooks of “Annihilate the Kingdom of God” and “Black Cat Hanging”, and the black death made music called “Casket Lid Creaks” are the right ones for a first time on the album.

Beware, because NUNSLAUGHTER is not kidding, and “Red is the Color of Ripping Death” is that kind of album made to obliterate ears!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Murmur
2. Broken and Alone
3. To a Whore
4. Banished
5. Red is the Color of Ripping Death
6. Eat Your Heart
7. Annihilate the Kingdom of God
8. Beware of God
9. Black Cat Hanging
10. Dead in Ten
11. The Devil Will Not Stray
12. The Temptress
13. Casket Lid Creaks
14. Below the Cloven Hoof
Don of the Dead - Vocals
Tormentor - Guitars
Detonate - Bass
Wrath - Drums
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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