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NY Fury – I Want it All

NY Fury
I Want it All
by Fred "Cage"Bonanno at 31 January 2023, 9:33 AM


Ok, Marty McFly to the DeLorean, we’re headed back to the Future, back to the 80’s. literally. If you never heard of NY FURY, don’t worry, you’re not alone, they have a remarkable story and history despite never having a recording contract. Originally formed in 1980 in New York, as stary-eyed teenagers that went through the usual growing pains and the revolving door of band members as they positioned themselves for stardom. They became the first unsigned band to headline L’Amour (Rock Capitol), Club Bene, and The Stone Pony (all iconic rock venues in the New York area) on their first time performing at either venue as well as Puerto Rico to perform at the Ruben Rodriguez Arena. Finally, with a deal pending from a brand-new independent record label a tragic twist of fate cut down their dream when the record companies owner lost his life in a car accident, thus ending the agreement. That event and a lack of interest from other labels spelled the end, as NY FURY called it quits in 1990. The fact that 80’s music is still a popular genre and the charisma and critical acclaim surrounding the band, Eonian Records have released the first official album of their previously vaulted studio recordings on December 30, 2022 entitled “I Want It All”. The album cover is pure 80’s with spandex, leather, big hair and bare chests, so let’s see if they can rekindle the excitement from that magical era.

Out of the gate on “Play the Game” pulls no surprises with straight forward AOR, melodic, hair metal complete with gritty vocals backed by pleasing harmonies, pure classic riffs and tight, solid guitar solo. Title track “I Want it All” is nothing to get excited about, textbook rhythm, riffs and vocals. “Dance” is a pretty simplistic song, with simple riffs, simple chorus and simple lyrics. There isn’t much more to say about the remaining songs, they all presented the same conventional, by the book musical story line with a few exceptions, “Hopin’ Love will Come” delivers the hardest sound with a pretty beefy riff and chorus. “Let the Orgy Commence” is an intriguing instrumental over a soundtrack crowd noise for a “live” feel, this one has some nice rocking appeal and would have been a perfect album opening track, and then there’s “Believe”, three minutes of acoustic guitar instrumental that sounded like a lullaby, really couldn’t figure out why this is even included. My favorite song is one of the early demo’s “Hunting the Streets”, despite the poor and grainy production quality, has a pretty grooving rock attitude.

I understand why NY FURY was “close, but no cigar”, they are pleasing and playful enough, but there just wasn’t any pizzazz, they sounded like a poor man’s SURVIOR, EUORPE, WARRANT or BON JOVI, nothing that stood out and separated from the pack, the lead vocals were fairly pedestrian, just no pop, the harmonizing was the strong point. My analogy is this, you’re on a plane, sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off when they announce, “we’re heading back to the gate”, you were so ready to start your journey, but ended up disappointed.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 5
Production : 5

2 Star Rating

1. Play The Game
2. I Want It All
3. Danger I Face
4. Dance
5. If Only You Can See Me Now
6. Hopin’ Love Will Come
7. Sit On This
8. Bad Enough
9. City Lights
10. Let The Orgy Commence
11. Just Tell Me You Love Me
12. Believe
13. My American Pie
14. Hunting The Streets (Early Demo)
15. Fighting For Your Love (Early Demo)
Gene Hunter - Bass, Electric, Acoustic & 12-String Guitar, Vocals,
Gary Ryan - Lead Vocals, Drums, Guitars,
Mike Sinclair - Guitars
Nick Bellarosa - Guitar, Vocals,
Jimmy Patryx - Lead Vocals (Tracks 13 & 14)
Ron Hunter - Drums.
Record Label: Eonian Records


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Edited 25 March 2023

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