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Nydvind – Tetramental I - Seas of Oblivion

Tetramental I - Seas of Oblivion
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 27 February 2018, 7:08 AM

NYDVIND was born in Paris in 2000 and released its 1st album “Eternal Winter Domain” in 2003. In 2006 debut album was re-released as a digipack with 3 bonus tracks and in 2010 its 2nd album: "Sworn to the Elders" was released. Then the band worked on a tetralogy based on the 4 elements: “Tetramental” opening now with "Tetramental I - Seas of Oblivion", released in 2018 by Malpermesita Records.

Sailing Towards the Unknown” is a beautifully constructed song. Balancing is amazing. The harsh intro leads into a spoken word, dark and deep. The melody from the start is pulsating. It is constantly hitting away, not too dark like some Black Metal instrumentals, but the Pagan feeling is easily to distinguish. The vocals are distorted and low, but the backing vocal, almost chanting is brilliant. The mid-section of the song piano section adds a great level of depth and ambiance, to be met by a crushing guitar solo. It speeds up not long after, with something you’d expect to hear from BEHEMOTH, it works perfectly. The random mix up repeats itself in outbursts through this song. Making it a fantastic opener.

Skywrath” has the sped up ABSU styled Blackened Thrash element from the previous song with some low vocal outbursts and death growls.  Its far more intense from the off. More of a Speed Metal track, which includes a healthy serving of darkness in this. It makes the song function better. The balance is a lot steadier, less change and variety, but not every song needs to change. This works well enough

Till the Moon Drowns” takes us back to the Black Metal / Pagan feeling of the band. Its slower, but still very dark and deep cutting. The vocals are less low, and hold their own well enough throughout. The choice of acoustic guitar works well to build ambience and atmosphere, but before you start to drift away into the melody, outcomes a storm of angry vocals and a faster more upbeat melody to once more pull you back into the darkness. Then the storm calms, and calm appears, but it is only brief. The storm once more throws a lightning bolt at you in a surge of heavy darkness

The Dweller of the Deep” starts off with a heavy-set drum beat that crashes into the darkness that you’ve grown accustom to so far in this album. The vocals are short and dark. The dark death growls balance out the chilling melody perfectly. The beat is high tempo enough to keep ticking over well, but not as fast as the speed attack you were bombarded with earlier. It’s another good mix, with no drastic changes, but a great song nonetheless

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Plying the Oars (Intro)
2. Sailing Towards the Unknown
3. Skywrath
4. Till the Moon Drowns
5. Sea of Thalardh
6. The Dweller of the Deep
7. Through Primeval Waters
8. Unveiling a New Earth
Richard Loudin AKA Hingard –Vocals & Guitar
Olivier Sans AKA Nesh – Bass
Eric Tabourier AKA Stig – Drums 
Record Label: Malpermesita Records


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