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Nygmalion - Deluminate

by Craig Rider at 21 July 2020, 3:40 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: NYGMALION, hailing from Hungarian grounds - performing Melodic Death Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Deluminate" (released 15th of May, 2020) Since formation in 2009 as NIGROMANTIA until 2020 as the now monkier NYGMALION; the quartet in question have only this here debut album in their discography so far entitled: "Deluminate". 12 tracks ranging at around 52:11… NYGMALION arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Melodic Death Metal developments.

Beginning the record with the static introductory track "Exposed" but implementing cryptic choir chants, and an amalgamation of operatic orchestration with this ghastly but eerily haunting atmosphere…"Follow Your Fears" surges with trailblazing songwriting musicianship that thunders with wildly rushing melodies which skyrocket with an intense aesthetic in amplified adrenaline and boisterously bouncy hooks, brilliantly elementing groovy fretworks that adroitly chug into a frolicking stampede of meticulous executions in which piledrive with monolithic tempos with this overarching slab of solid firepower compiling a fierce embodiment of some primitively punchy rawness.

Consisting of frontman Krisztián Gaál who performs on vocals which showcases tight raspiness, with a gnarly attribute in barking – with shouty yells & this uniquely versatile vehemence of rumbling reverberation from his audible bass. Injecting infectiously venomous thumpiness, arming a brimming arsenal of creative and dextrous dynamics that merge an excelling fabrication in harmony with this deadly conjuring of rough yet slick basslines. "Nygmalion" distils a fluidly polished ramification of synergetic vibrancy, supplying this organic substance of rip-roaring skill & rapidly swift nimbleness from guitarist David Egri-Kiss.

Shredding with twinning attacks as Péter Kiss joints this killer foundation in borderline crunchiness, potently snappy riffs relentlessly portray sonically seamless pursuits that strike with monstrously meaty savagery & volatile mayhem. Chaotically bombarding a distorted hybrid, grinding into a barraged frenzy of profusely robust maelstroms that ruthlessly provides momentous pandemonium & thudding trembles.

"Cage Of The Paralyzed" slays with progressively technical panache, tempestuously oscillating with rampant patterns that flow into a calamity of triggering blast-beats, dimensioned with these massive outbursts of outrè remedies that revel with impactfully detailed catchiness. Crafting flamboyant finesse with scorching symphonics, systematically shrouding these mesmerisingly majestic stabilities that construct blistering distinctions with razor-sharp quirkiness. Battering drummer Gergő Gazdag also hammers his set with steely precision; rambunctiously pummelling with pounding skill, resulting in a frantic holocaust of thrilling drum cymbals and a groundbreaking style that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time.

"Worth" builds an acoustic but dreamy intro;  experimenting idiosyncratic exploration, with this quintessential virtuosity to shimmer with swinging chiselling, contrasting a dark mood of spellbinding & high-octane lacerations…with this shrill, leading flair inbetween - bleeding into ear canals for this utmost upbeat yet neck-breaking enrichment…and a mandatory wrath of double-bass exhilaration will rattle your brains excessively.

"Twist Of Fate" assembles hostile havoc; bludgeoning heads with strumming madness, transistioning wistful leads and dissonant screeches. Transforming into a breakdown blitzkreig, forging a magnetic vibe and a quantum spectrum of stompy yet spacey soundscapes that hypnotises heads with this outrageous variety of shrieking malice that perseveres with weighty persistence. "Relapse X" targets you with bulldozing explosions, harnessing brutal rhythms that melts faces as they zestfully slam you with whirl-winding dashes…embellishing on prodegiously prestigious piercings that salubriously shine with this original style of bellowing chords & an immensely diverse density of thickly wonderous tones that will unleash your inner demonized groove-bomb.

Imaginary influences include BLOODSHOT DAWN with their melodic trend of heated death-grips; DEVILDRIVER with their core-like snarls, and ARCH ENEMY with their converging charges of old-school plus modernized hymns.

Moving onto the "Quantum Queen" which rifts with more crisp bangs, fiery blasts and a bunch of combustible but a euphonically complex arsenal of tenacious yet mellifluous malevolence - in a furiously sublime pressure of visceral integrity. "Human Eclipse" flickers with more rompy flexibility; generating a grandiose grandure offering much presence, muscled baton-crushing bongs & a nice pacing of more subdued subjugation… screwing a healthy dose of sulphurously riveting speed and exuberant performances.

"Fracture" is like a berserking rager; upscaling with upbeat velocity, wavering with briskly ambitious bites and chunky but adventurous flavours that will shatter windows and bang heads vigorously. While the penultimate song "Driven By Hunger" is a ravenous rampager which will keep this effect building for a circle pit mosh to initiate, one of my favourites for sure. Overall concluding "Deluminate" with the finale but ambient epic closer: "Cloudwalker" easing things a notch, but still nonetheless a strong finish.

Bottom line; NYGMALION certainly delivered a multifaceted representation of this sub-genre marvelously well. "Deluminate" splendidly made this masterful debut a most memorable yet replayable statement of some sophisticated yet artistic discoveries that will make you want to listen a good few times at least! Check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Songwriting: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Exposed
2. Follow Your Fears
3. Nygmalion
4. Cage of the Paralyzed
5. Worth
6. Twist of Fate
7. Relapse X
8. The Quantum Queen
9. Human Eclipse
10. Fracture
11. Driven by Hunger
12. Cloudwalker
Krisztián Gaál - Vocals/Bass Guitar
David Egri-Kiss - Guitar
Gergő Gazdag - Drums
Péter Kiss - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 04 February 2023

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