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Nyktophobia – What Lasts Forever

What Lasts Forever
by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 28 July 2020, 4:01 AM

NYKTOPHOBIA is Melodic Death Metal band from Datteln, North Rhine-Wesphalia, Germany. This is their third full-length album in a span of only three years. That is quite impressive for such a newer band but even if you release so much stuff in such a short time, you have to believe in the quality of your material, nonetheless. We will see how this album stacks up to anything in Melodic Death Metal genre out there. For your information, Nyctophobia is the fear of the dark and night!

Well they have high praise from the likes of Jens Bogren according to the ‘’Yearning from an Uncharted Grave’’ video which is usually no small feat. The famed Swedish record producer who produced bands like OPETH, DIMMU BORGIR, SEPULTURA, ARCH ENEMY, AT THE GATES amongst countless others. His opinion weighs a lot but honestly I am not 100% agreeing with him on this front. I think a producer like him could have seen the flaws I heard when listening to this album for sure.

I am not usually the most outspoken guy about production values on albums, if something is good, it can be heightened by great production but it also can go both ways unfortunately. The drum, especially the double bass drum sounds clunky at best. It really gets on the nerves really fast especially on the aforementioned first single ‘’Yearning from an Uncharted Grave’’. The rest of the musicians feel a bit like put in the background, the singer is not mixed well with the rest and it felt quite uneven at best honestly. Sorry for the nitpicking but that was the case on this very album.

They do channel that mid-paced Gothenburg style of Death Metal and the sound is yet not refined enough for the comparison to be given proper thought. You have some elaborate melodies and accessible set of songs that is not going to transcend the formula or genre anytime soon. It’s not bad at all but nothing to write home about obviously. The harsh vocals are subpar for the genre, they feel forced and I was kind bored after a few songs. It wasn’t enthralling enough to keep my attention even though if you have that hefty dose of Melodic Death Metal thrown in.

Is it a case of too much, too soon? I don’t know but three albums in three years is a lot of effort and I do hope they get signed, the potential is there but the production isn’t unfortunately. With maturity they will grow as a band and I think they can make it but have to put the energy at the right places to make it worthwhile.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Once
2. Echoes of the Past
3. Nightwanderer
4. The Appearance of the Seven Suns
5. Yearning from an Uncharted Grave
6. Beyond the Horizon
7. What Lasts Forever
8. The Invocation of Erra
9. Moribund
Ben Bays – Bass
Christian Timmer – Drums
Phillip Reuter – Guitars
Michael Tybussek – Guitars
Tomasz Wisniewski – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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