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Nymf - Nymf

by Maria Voutiriadou at 26 October 2010, 10:10 PM

From the guts of the Swedish band THE GRAVIATORS that we had the chance to know better a couple of months ago, a ‘nymf’ were born in the land of Karlshamn. This one isn’t so in a doom mood like the first-appearing Swedish band that made me so good impression, but loves to keep low tempo tunes in the guitars, flirting with doom Metal closely; as a matter of fact, NYMF manage to gather all the favourite music genres that the five members love the most: doom, stoner rock with a generous dose of Metal on top. Without missing any precious time, I gave some spins to NYMF’s self-titled debut album; let’s see what we’ve got here.

The obscure artwork of “Nymf” cover tells too much about the content and that’s an awesome start! Here, we have to deal with 9 solid tracks, full of aggression and massiveness that characterize mainly the sound of NYMF. Niklas Sjöberg’s vocals colour nice and easy each track and give the appropriate mysticism and despair, although in “Dark Autumn’s Fire” reminds me a lot the timbre of bands like AMORPHIS and their compatriots, DARK TRANQUILLITY. The Swedish element is pervasive in every guitar riff and the topmost bass line leads the ‘dance’ to the right path. I can read your minds now and I know you’re thinking that you have met all these before, in others bands of the same genre. But let me notice for your favour the sweet, little detail that can blow your mind out: every song hides a ‘metallic’ alter-ego and converts, even the most doom song into the absolute Metal blast! The work that has done in every composition is excellent and also, the main reason that makes NYMF’s album so special and so different from THE GRAVIATORS release. The master-mind maybe the same but the sonic result is not.

Tracks like the opener “The Grave” and “Nymf” identify once and for all the NYMF id, giving an alternate dimension to our beloved doom Metal sound, while some noticeable stoner rock attempts are not missing, having songs like “Regardless”, “Step Inside” and “Man’s End” at a conspicuous place. Furthermore, I noticed the obscurity of “Forsaken” and the total doom-ness of the closing “Bleeding Heart” which are some of the promising moments of the 43 minutes’ album that is quite difficult to mark it as some ‘boring doom staff’ as many people do with releases of this genre. Well, if you can’t handle the heaviness of that kind of music, there are plenty bands out there that play ‘barbie’ Metal and leave the hard one for the rest!

I’m quite chary of giving praise, especially in debut albums that hide the danger of enthusiasm, but “Nymf” is the glorious exception and Transubstans Records saw ‘it’ coming. The ‘nymf’ were just born and not miss the chance to watch it transform itself into a beautiful, colourful butterfly: that’s something happens once in a lifetime and in NYMF’s case, all the spotlights must be turned on them for the future sequel.

3 Star Rating

  1. The Grave
  2. Dark Autumn’s Fire
  3. Regardless
  4. Nymf
  5. Step Inside
  6. Forsaken
  7. Man’s End
  8. Evil Itself
  9. Bleeding Heart
Niklas Sjöberg - Vocals
Martin Fairbanks - Guitar
Kristofer Stjernquist - Guitar
Pontus Svensson - Bass
Pierre Lopez - Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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