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Nyn - Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt Award winner

by Andrej Romic (Nekrst Fanzine) at 04 July 2017, 3:37 PM

NYN has been an actively going project formed back in 2005, creating massively underground yet incredibly talented sounds of the Technical Death Metal genre, fusing it with massive amounts of Progressive Metal. One might wonder if a project has been active for twelve years, do they have many fans, well the answer is kind-of. Is that a good answer? Absolutely not! The band has remained underground for too much time, whilst obviously that should not be like that. So they have teamed up with a pretty underground yet amazing label called Vmbrella, releasing mostly works of the same genre as NYN, to release the band’s brand new album, called “Entropy: of Chaos and Salt” on August 11th, 2017. The album will contain 9 tracks, and it will be a follow-up to their 2014 EP “Equivalence”. Not to mention this will be the second full-length album in the band’s history, “Eventuality” from 2012 being their debut one. So, I’ll let you know that this is once again a bonus review I fought for with teeth and claws to get, because this album is something all of you who like this genre, including myself are going to be blown away. Not just blown away, more like all of you will vanish from the face of the Earth when you’ll hear the entire record, but you can get close to that by blasting one of the very first singles from the record on Youtube, called “The Apory of Existence”, which is originally the second song from the album. So what does this album have to offer? Lots of things, things one might not be completely ready for, but I’m here to prepare you for the…best.

This album obviously can’t be the “worst”, right? Just to mention quickly, before this album, the band released a ton of singles and mini-demo tracks, not saying those weren’t good, but this album is the real breakthrough, the album that will be praised. “The Mind Inverted” is the icebreaker. It starts off with incredibly sweet-sounding riffs, mostly reminding of the Progressive sounds. Some clean vocals can be heard, and instantly some really deep growl vocals, too. It goes on with the mix of the two. What’s interesting about these guys is the fact that they completely don’t focus on speed to impress the masses. The complexity of the riff-work, the vocal styles which are incredibly weird at times, the entire bass-work, the atmosphere, it’s just so out of this world, almost alien. Original isn’t even a word when it comes to these guys, because they’re more than that. Tom Geldschläger doing most of the guitar solos, Jimmy Pitts showing his incredible skills on the keyboards, seaboard, and even a freaking Theremin. How awesome is that?! This track is one of the long ones, and the album is full of them, which just showcases how much work it has been put into making this album a reality. Onto the only available single so far, “The Apory of Existence”. Even if you click on the Youtube link and check it out for less than a minute, you’ll already be wondering are you dead/alive, are you even a sentient being in the cosmos? What’s the point of existence? What guitar does the dude in the video use? It’s just mind-blowing. Both the guitar and the vocal performance are just unrealistic.

Omnipotence Paradox” is somewhat a next part of the previous song, and it goes on with the wild, beastly really tuned-down growl oriented vocals, incredible keyboard performances, riffs that are both fast and slow when needed, and again those really weird but still original vocals. Third song in, and I think I found my top of the year, but I won’t be too quick to judge…still, I am in love with this album. More than anything from the genre, and no offense to the other bands… I still love them. This band isn’t a breath of fresh air but more like it’s a breath of minty, eucalyptus, chilly, and fire-y breath of hot air! That would be the best way to describe it. I already got lost in the guitar solo at the first half of the song. The clean vocals are out of this world, and they prove what I love about this genre so much, not saying the growls aren’t good enough when they are dominant, but mixing the two vocal types is the “new” trend nowadays, and it really works. How can you not enjoy the beautiful vocal-work? It’s beyond amazing. Plus the cleans aren’t fearful, they go beyond experimentation and go higher and higher to a point when they sound more like Power Metal or early Heavy Metal. No doubt the band has a lot of different and interesting influences.

Dissimulating Apologia” starts off with nice, slower momentum of music, kind of giving you an 8-bit feeling, but only for a short while, because the wild scream/growl combinations hit you in the head which is the equivalent of getting hit in the head with a shovel. They come with no warning, but you instantly adore them. What should I say about this what you already not know? Lots of experimentation, the vocals arrange and transform to so many different styles, you can’t   even count them. Both the bass and the guitar work are barely describable. If that’s not enough, some alien voices can be heard through the middle of the song…how cool is that!? “Rebirth: Rebuild, Advance, Redo” embraces weirdness once again. The growls are deeper than anything I have previously experienced, cleans are even dizzier than before, the high screams are tearing the clouds apart. The 8-bit thing gets to a different and unimaginably high level. “Embrace Entropy” might be my favorite thus far, giving the listener an interesting, Egyptian, “mythological” feeling in the sound. The vocals are kind-of shouting, cleans will make you wonder what the heck are you even listening to, but you can’t get the guts to hit stop, you won’t do it. As we slowly get closer to the end, the weirdness doesn’t stop, and if all what you previously heard wasn’t enough,

The Hallway” will definitely and beautifully gross you out. You will not comprehend to understand all what’s going on here. It’s like Super Mario on extremely bizarre drugs. “Maelstrom” is the eight and penultimate track, and once again it’s a maze of genres, a beautifully, well-executed doze of weird, amazing, interesting, new-experience giving Technical yet amazingly Progressive Death Metal and Metal in general, because a vast more amount of things are going on here than just plain Death Metal. It’s a brand new experience to the listener, and I must warn you, if you are new to the genre and have accidentally stumped upon this album, only tread with caution, you might not understand it on first listen. Not a lot of people can. “Taken Away by the Tides” sounds so familiar, it’s like something I heard previously, but still a song I have just clicked on for the first time. Not saying it sounds like something else, it just reminds you. There is difference in the two. This is the final track on this album, and I am out of words, so I’ll just finish off this review quick, but if I had more motivation, I could keep typing words for a day. I am shocked, I seriously have no idea what do say guys… if you like EQUIPOISE, NADER SADEK, CEREBRIC TURMOIL, OBSCURA, FOUNTAINHEAD, ENIGMA or VIRULENT DEPRAVITY…give these guys a listen. Even if you have never heard of the band, or any of the “for fans of” bands, just do it. Imagine Shia LaBeouf saying “just do it” but louder and louder until the day of your death, unless you of course listen to this album and buy it. You either like it, or you will like it. No other option. Do it!!!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1.The Mind Inverted
2.The Apory of Existence
3.Omnipotence Paradox
4.Dissimulating Apologia
5.Rebirth: Rebuild, Advance, Redo
6.Embrace Entropy
7.The Hallway
9.Taken Away by the Tides
Tom Geldschläger - Guitar Solos
Jimmy Pitts - Keyboards, Seaboards, Theremin)
Noyan Tokgozoglu - Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Record Label: Vmbrella Records


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