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Nyseius – De Divinatione Daemonium

De Divinatione Daemonium
by Jessica R. Harman at 06 March 2015, 12:11 AM

NYSEIUS is a French Black Metal band was born in 2002. The band has released two albums prior to their latest release. The first was a demo released in 2004 “Lueur d’une Lune Morte”. The second was released in 2010 and was the band debut full-length album “Miltiae”NYSEIUS entered the studio to record their latest album “De Divinatione Daemonium” in January of 2014. The album is due to release on March 30th, 2015. “De Divinatione Daemonium” comes in with ten tracks at an impressive hour and seven minutes.

The band has been around for over a decade, but was pretty quiet with releases up until their first full-length release in 2010 and from there seems to have become more dedicated to NYSEIUS. “De Divinatione Daemonium” starts out dark and low with an increasingly impending doom tone. “De Casu Daiboli” is musically amazing. Not all Black Metal has to be blast beats and balls to the wall, although this album is very much so that, this first track brings in a different feel until about four minutes and 45 seconds in where the drums take over in a hard and fast blast. “De Casu Daiboli” is an almost six minute instrumental that is incredibly done and shows musicianship intensity. It is easily one of my favorite intros.

Track two, “Extinction of the Seven Divine Spirits” comes in as damning as ever. The vocals are about as demon as they come. They are so low, which is pretty standard, but these vocals have a bite and grit to them that is interestingly different from the standard “I can’t understand this” growl. The guitar riffs are impressive and quick. Man are they fast, along with the bass that is perfectly heard and has a spot in the limelight. The drums are fast, and definitely good.

“Job’s Revelation” is oddly my favorite track and my least favorite track. I love the guitars and the bass. I think they are original and creative and perceptive. I didn’t like the beginning of the track and the drum play within. However, as the track progressed, so did the drum play, so by the end, I felt like this was a cohesively written track.

A track that had Doom elements tethered throughout the entire thing is “Towards True Light”. The melancholy of the Doom and the hells wrath and death of Black Metal here creates a track that is different and dramatic. Drama in music is just as important as it is in any other form of entertainment and it was nailed here.

“Lamention Prayers” is an interesting interlude instrumental. It’s the sounds of ritual. The chanting and the sounds of old wind chimes with a mixture of both blissful and deathly.

“De Divinatione Daemonium” is an intense album that continues increasing as it tracks along. The only things with the album that aren’t up to par are there are places through out where it’s botched and discombobulated at times. The vocals are quite over powering. It doesn’t sound like they are just laid over the music, like usual with this problem. It just sounds too loud making it hard to hear the glory in the rest of the music. However, the musicianship is here and there are parts are incredibly dark and hard and glorious. Give it a listen.

3 Star Rating

1. De Casu Diaboli
2. Extinction of the Seven Divine Spirits
3. Job’s Revelation
4. Towards True Light
5. Lamention Prayers
6. Finis Terra Sancta
7. Possessor of the Key to all Mysteries
8. Manifestation of the Three Celestial Entities
9. Lucifer Contemplation
10. Black God Ascension
Daeloth – Vocals and Lead Guitar
Icons Blasphemer – Rhythm Guitar
Sirium – Bass
O.A.C. – Drums (session)
Record Label: Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum


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