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The Night Eternal – The Night Eternal

The Night Eternal
The Night Eternal
by Santiago Puyol at 17 July 2019, 12:39 AM

This self-titled EP is the studio debut of Heavy Metal band THE NIGHT ETERNAL. This band recovers the classic sounds of different Metal eras with a modern vibe. With three original songs and a JUDAS PRIEST cover, THE NIGHT ETERNAL reveals their talent and songwriting skills packed with creativity. Influences range from METALLICA to IRON MAIDEN, from AEROSMITH to JUDAS PRIEST. It has a strong, classic era sound, but never gets overwhelmed by it.

"Eternal Night" poses as the title track here, being a great opener with heavy riffing and dense, prominent basslines. The vocals are powerful, but mixing the drums a little louder could have contributed to the overall strength of the song. The change of rhythm, funkier and syncopated around 4:33 is an interesting moment. Also notable is the duel of guitar solos throughout the track, making a typical but still interesting use of the studio.

Coming in second place is "Mark of Kain", with more of a 90s sound. Bass drives the song, giving it motion and pushing it forward all the time. The playfulness of the drums beneath the epic guitar solo is extremely interesting.

With a guitar riff that seems borrowed from 80s METALLICA (it particularly evokes "Orion") and a lead guitar melody that sounds as something written by Koji Kondo for the soundtrack of The Legend of Zelda, "Vindicta" is the most accomplished and successful song of the EP. The rhythm section, which throughout the EP is a high point, stands out even more here. In particular, the drum work with a peculiar use of open hi-hat and cymbals that give a jazzier sound to the song.

The EP closes with a cover of "(Take These) Chains" by JUDAS PRIEST, and although it is an adept cover and a well-achieved one, it does not really add anything new to the song. It could have been a part of the track list or not, and the difference would not have been that noticeable.

Overall, "The Night Eternal" is a fine debut EP, which gives a glimpse of the potential and skills of the band of the same name. The quality of the songwriting varies from one track to another, but it is interesting in none of the three original songs. Musicianship is more than satisfactory and production, without being particularly special, is well-accomplished (minor mistakes aside).

I’m counting (and waiting) on a full-length debut now!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Eternal Night
2. Mark of Kain
3. Vindicta
4. (Take These) Chains \[Judas Priest cover]
Ricardo – Vocals
Rob – Lead Guitar
Henry – Rhythm Guitar
Jones – Bass Guitar
Aleister – Drums
Record Label: Dying Victims Productions


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