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Obscure Infinity – Dawn of Winter

Obscure Infinity
Dawn of Winter
by Jess at 12 July 2017, 12:04 PM

OBSCURE INFINITY was created for one reason only; no trend and no modern-day influence free music with deep embedded roots in the 90’s era traditional Death Metal. Born in 2007, their debut album “Dawn of Winter” was released in 2010. They re-released this breakthrough album in 2017 after signing with FAD Records. This album comes in with eleven tracks with a listening time of just over 46 minutes.

Track one “Intro – Summoning Of The Ancient Ones” starts the album out with a cryptic hymn orchestral. This one minute beauty softly, but noticeably pulls the listener into their journey through the “Dawn of Winter”.

Sacrificial Ritual”, track two, comes in hard and loud. The sound is deep and dark and the vocals have crawled straight out of hell. While the track’s heavy, there is some phenomenal melody intricately weaved within. The bass is thick and gives the track an incredible depth. The drums are good, but feel disarranged. This does take away from the track’s overall sound, but some of the guitar work helps balance it out.

Track four, “Foreshadowing Of A Coming Storm” is just that, a foreshadowing. This 58 second track is a plucked beauty. This is one of those tracks that tells its story in powerful yet subtle and terse way. This track also expands the listeners view on OBSURE INFINITY’s musicianship.

Everlasting Fires”, track five opens furiously in a matter of fact way. As in, you’ve heard the omens, now you have to bare the reality of them. It almost sounds like a fun house meets Metal ambience. The guitars do a great job of creating variety within. The bass is crushingly low and the drums have a bit of a faster bass blast in this track, giving a nice change of pace. Being one of the longest tracks on the album, the change it is needed.

Track eight, “The Firmament Breathes Eternal Tranquility”, is another ambiance piece that comes in just over a minute. Another acoustic track, that holds some cryptic, church-esque back drop music. “Dawn Of Winter”, track nine, opens hard and dark. The vocals are so low, they seem to seep out into the music. The bass, as usual, is low and chunky. The guitars take note here and keep their play relatively low as well.  The drums sound so much better in this track. While they haven’t been technically bad at all, they just mesh so much better in this track than we’ve heard throughout most of this album. “Dawn Of Winter” is my favorite track on the album. I can see why this is the album’s namesake.

The final track, “Transmitting Life To Darkness”, is first off one of the coolest names for a track. Secondly, it starts off as a light whisper, that immediately turns hard and cold. The screaming is deep and dark, meets agonizing surrender. The longest track on the album, coming in at just under 7:40, finishes out this album with phenomenal musicianship. The rhythm changes within this track are performed perfectly from every aspect within. The last 40 seconds are a complete 180 from the track, but is totally beautiful in the most mystic way. This is a musically great track to round out a creative re-release.

OBSUCRE INFINITY’s “Dawn Of Winter” is a really good album. They don’t follow a genre per se, but are heavily rooted in Classic Death Metal. The vocals range a bit: from straight out of hell to seeping from the ground of hell creating a neat contrast. This album is worth a listen, if you haven’t already had the pleasure of doing so.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Intro – Summoning Of The Ancient Ones
2. Sacrificial Ritual
3. Morbid Ways Of God
4. Foreshadowing Of A Coming Storm
5. Everlasting Fires
6. Incinerator
7. In The Depths Below
8. The Firmament Breathes Eternal Tranquility
9. Dawn Of Winter
10. Wreak Havoc – A Blackened Mind
11. Transmitting Life To Darkness
Jules - Vocals
Stefan - Guitar
Sascha - Guitar
Schumann - Bass
Kalle - Drums
Record Label: FDA Records


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