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Bastard Feast - Osculum Infame Award winner

Bastard Feast
Osculum Infame
by Paulo Maniaco at 16 July 2014, 4:55 PM

BASTARD FEAST previously known as ELITIST have unleashed upon us their first onslaught entitled "Osculum Infame". This American quintet hailing from Portland have managed to mix up different styles in their music, although having their roots well-grounded in the Hard-core music. They a great job creating something more extreme and technical towards Death, Black and Thrash Metal, a bulldozer out of control destroying everything on its path.

The opening track "Boated City" begins with Joshua’s vocals sharp as a knife ready to tear up your flesh, Joshua has managed to incorporate in his vocals two different styles, at times sounding like MAYHEM with deep screams like a pig with knife stuck in its heart and that's when it is time for the "Old Father" to come in and help. Again the same crazy vocals and sharp solos delivered by Taylor  and Justin, lots of work with the guitars, distorted riffs, hellish solos and fast tempo drum beating well aligned with the bass and at times sounding like a Swedish Death Metal band. I mean very heavy, good stuff indeed.

"The Serpent Spoke" is a slower song, but heavy as fuck with a distorted melody and heavy vocals. The variation of vocals is awesome, from Black Metal switching to Death Metal, I can hear all sorts of bands in this album: AUTOPSY, IMMORTAL, MAYHEM, DISSECTION, BATHORY, ENTOMBED. At the first time listening to the album you might find it a bit chaotic and out of place, but the songs structure are very good. This is extreme music for extreme people, it is brutal and it's going to grow on you.

It is smart music made by creative musicians. This is "A Tribute To What We Stole" and I am the "Watchful Defiler" living in this fucked up world, "Claustrophobic Of This World". This is a great album, every time I listen to the CD lying on my couch smoking away and lost in my thoughts feels like I am listen to early DESTRUCTION and BRUTAL TRUTH. The album has lots of effects and distortions in the background and believe it or not It even has an amazing instrumental, or shall I say a kind of instrumental with the "Synthetic Messiah" screaming and trying to convert you for the next ten minutes. Awesome stuff man, I have been converted, BASTARD FEAST rules!

As production goes, I have no complaints whatsoever, the album sounds flesh and well thought through out as well and the artwork is also excellent.

5 Star Rating

1. Bloated City
2. Old Father
3. The Rats Through Our Veins
4. The Serpent Spoke
5. Noose Of Smoke
6. A Tribute To What We Stole
7. Watchful Defiler
8. Claustrophobic Of This World
9. Fields Of Black Cancer
10. Synthetic Messiah
Joshua Greene - Vocals
Taylor Robson - Guitar
Nickolis Park - Drums
Justin Yaquinto - Guitar
Jesse Apsy - Bass
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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