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Ob Nixilis – Abhorred Award winner

Ob Nixilis
by Kris Marsden at 10 March 2023, 7:53 PM

OB NIXILIS is here; this American melodic blackened death (the band name comes from a popular character from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering) presents their debut, "Abhorred," via REAPING SCYTHE RECORDS, released on the 24th of January, 2023.

Opening the review with a quick and something significant about this magic playing card - the fact that the vocals come from drummer Jeremy Cuchiara –continuing with the review with the first track on the album for discussion is the opening piece "Prolific Destination," which begins with a short incantation and spell-casting of face-pacing instrumental artistry and vocals that could rip off the skin of the listener's face –while the opening has some excellent moods, tempos and atmosphere, to get the listener into the spirit.

The following discussion is the fourth piece on the album “Iterludium II”, which welcomes the listener’s ears with a haunting atmosphere and the acoustic musical spectrum -warm welcoming -but despair… following suit with the sixth piece, “Wconsistingar of the Burning Sands” – a song (including another six songs) that shows and unleashes the unique artistic vision of the band’s musical spectrum.

The entire piece is provided by excellent craftmanship and musicianship of classic and original black metal and an album that encapsulates dark and melodic elements –music takes the listener on a journey of giving listeners ears this compelling release that is well written/composed, both in the music and lyrics (songwriting and instrumental), providing the listener with music and songs that are different in tempo, sound, identity, moods, and (dark & haunting) atmosphere. Simultaneously “Abhorred” is a perfect release and well-balanced release, and what makes this a good, compelling and well-balanced release is the perfected balance of utilising (the composition of (and the score of the music)) haunting melodies, heavily rhythmic and bone-shredding guitars with soul-crushing leads/fast tremolo pickings, a culmination of heavy hard-hitting (at times smooth & technical) drums, fast brain rumbling bass line and gruesome vocals consists crusty, brutal deep tonal vocals as well as higher pitch backing vocals that complete and rounds out the album! The album is relentless from start to finish! –thus creating something fresh and carefully crafted – where each of the seven songs doesn’t sound the same, neither repetitive nor dull and all provided and delivered by excellent craftsmanship and musicianship. At the same time, the whole material is coherent and well-executed, as the album perfectly encapsulates dark and melodic (mainly melodic guitar leads), while the recording has this raw and unpolished production; this is also well-executed!

“Abhorred” has so much potential and is an excellent debut release. Recommended for fans of DEICIDE, HYPOCRISY, VITAL REMAINS, DISSECTION, ANGELCORPSE, IMMOLATION and similar extreme black/death acts.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Prolific Destitution
2. Discordian Epitaph
3. Bloodletting
4. Interludium II
5. War of the Burning Sands
6. Deathrite Shaman
7. Fated Ascendance
Jeremy Cuchiara – Drums, Lead Vocals
Manuel Moreno – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Matt Maio – Guitars
Joe Niski – Bass
Record Label: Reaping Scythe Records


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