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Oblivion – Resilience Award winner

by Bradley Karr at 14 February 2018, 6:52 AM

OBLIVION is a creation of experienced musicians in France from several other bands. They came together to put out their debut album “Resilience”. The band has a power metal feel to them with very grand sounds on each song.

“Spectral Warrior” begins the album and it lets you know that you are in store for a grand experience. The symphonic sounds behind solitary drum beats draw you in deeper before the song ramps into a cadence. There are no vocals, but this intro doesn’t need any it is a short powerful piece of music to begin the album with.

“In the Arms of a Queen” begins very light and symphonic. This sound is joined by some heavy guitar riffs and chanting in the background. By the time the vocals hit I was all in on this song. The mixture of power metal with the deeper sounds and experimentation excited me. I enjoyed this song for everything it tried to do and succeeded in.

“Shine in my Galaxy” begins with a catchy cadence that has you banging your head. This song seems like it is going to be a more traditional power metal song but then the vocal does an amazing thing. It seems like several different voices are singing all at the same time. It should be disjointed and confusing, but they come together to give the song a very distinct sound. This kind of experimentation made me curious of what else this band was going to throw into this album.

“Evil Spell” is the more traditional power metal song on the album. With hard guitar riffs, a nice cadence of drums and the vocals to match. The sound does venture into the more grander sound, but they pull it back and keep it steady and heavy. The guitars in this song are great, and I was digging the riff all the way through.

“Facing the Enemies” comes out with high strong vocals right off the bat. The vocals are joined by the guitar and drum hits you have become accustomed to by now. I think this is probably one of the weaker songs on the album. It doesn’t reach the grandeur of the other songs and because the other songs are that way it makes this one seems a little less. That being said there is an amazing guitar riff within this song that almost brings it out of that rut, but unfortunately it doesn’t last long enough.

The last song on the album ”Dreamers Believers” starts out very slow and somber. The emotion drips from this song as the guitars come in with their lamentation sound. As the song picks up you can still feel how deep this song is. Each layer getting a little bit harder and adding weight to the song. This was a great song to end a very enjoyable album on.

I loved this album from OBLIVION. This band took power metal into a new area that made it fresh and new. Most of the songs had a grand feel to them. The vocalist sung each word with weight and emotion.
Listening to this album was more of an experience than just a listen. I would strongly suggest anyone that enjoys power metal bands to check this album out.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Spectral Warrior
2. Honor and Glory
3. In the Arms of a Queen
4. Bells from Babylon
5. Shine in my Galaxy
6. I Thought I was a King
7. Evil Spell
8. Punished by the Crowd
9. Facing the Enemies
10. The Race is On
11. Dreamers Believers
Jo Amore – Vocals
David Amore – Drums & Machines
Markus Fortunato – Bass
Steff Rabilloud – Guitars
Florian Lagoutte – Guitars
Record Label: Rock of Angels Records


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