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Oblivious - Creating Meaning

Creating Meaning
by Joellen "FreshMetalGal" Patterson at 15 July 2013, 6:13 PM

When I clicked play for the first track of “Creating Meaning”, I thought I’d turned on our local oldies Rock station. This 2nd release from Swedish Rockers, OBLIVIOUS, has certainly brought us a blast from the past with more sounds of the 60s and 70s than this listener could identify.  They’ve got the rock, the groove and the blues in their tracks! Hallelujah and Amen!

Isak has a wonderful swing to his voice that is reminiscent of Chris Dommin (lead singer of current Los Angeles band, DOMMIN). He can also call forth a bit of Jim Morrison (THE DOORS), on occasion. Listen for it. I’ll not give it all away.

“Bjälken I Ditt Öga” was a clear highlight of the album. It had an extreme bluesy feel and sound. The entrance is very much like what one might hear from THE JEFF HEALEY BAND. I you like B.B. King, Jeff Healey or Eric Clapton, dear reader, you will hear some kindred spirits in the OBLIVION guitars.   The blues integration is woven into more than one track, so keep on listening! Listen closely enough and homage to Jimmi Hendrix can be heard, particularly in “Deluded Darling”.

From “Silver Tongue” to “You Are The Wall” one hears pretty much a single voice. “Entering The Night” provides a treat of harmony that might leave one expecting them to break into the chorus of “Black Water” (DOOBIE BROTHERS) at any moment. With medium tempos up to this point, it is an excellent close for the journey.

To horribly borrow from the title of track 5, “What A Trip” down memory lane this album has been! This “old” rocker salutes them, and so should the new. Let us be oblivious no more of this band!

4 Star Rating

1. Silver Tongue
2. Strike Gold
3. Deluded Darling
4. Bjälken I Ditt Öga
5. What A Trip
6. By The Neck
7. You Are The Wall
8. Entering The Night
Isak - Vocals
Böris - Guitar
Andy - Bass
Jocke – Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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