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Oblivious Signal - Exordium Award winner

Oblivious Signal
by Mark Sworder at 24 July 2015, 11:45 AM

One of Florida's hottest up and coming bands, OBLIVIOUS SIGNAL show they're ready for far bigger things with their second full length album, "Exordium". Seamlessly blending elements of hard rock, symphonic metal and a drop of pop punk together, the band have an amazingly natural and refreshing sound that, with any justice, will draw in rabid fans of all tastes.   Opening track "Retribution" immediately demonstrates that OBLIVIOUS SIGNAL know the sound they want. A solid rock riff is expertly crafted together with dark and eerie, yet subtle, keyboard parts to create an overall atmosphere that is haunting and tense. The passionate vocal performance of Cristina T. Feliciano then kicks in, channeling all of the emotion that the music stimulates, and weaving precisely over tight rhythms and the thunderous chorus.

While the underlying keyboard parts definitely lend a symphonic vibe to proceedings, OBLIVIOUS SIGNAL also let their energy run wild, leading to some more upbeat, pop punk style sections. The vocal style and melodies also lean towards pop punk, with no operatic elements present, yet still plenty of theatricality and technicality from Feliciano. Importantly though, the heavy undercurrent is always there, adding a sense of authenticity and originality to the band that can be hard to find. Single "Crash" is another enthralling example of what this band do - ranging from restrained and moody to aggressive with ease, and with yet another big chorus. OBLIVIOUS SIGNAL then show even more of their hand during the second half of "Exordium". A brief moment of harsher vocals are brilliantly incorporated into "Medicine", which really emphasizes the mood of the track. Equally surprisingly, songs such as "Madeline" contain heavy, grinding rhythms that would not be out of place for a melodic death metal act. It's all put together with perfection, and never once feels forced! This is truly a band that never stop surprising you, and never fail to deliver!

An album that feels this good can be hard to do justice in a review. Suffice to say though, OBLIVIOUS SIGNAL combine elements from vastly differing styles in such a natural way that it should transcend them above the prevalent run-of-the-mill bands. From the encompassing musical canvases reminiscent of symphonic metal, to the upbeat, energetic throws of pop punk, the band leave no idea at the wayside, and combine everything with a mastery far beyond their years. Give this a listen - you won't be disappointed!

5 Star Rating

1. Retribution
2. Home
3. Push Me Away
4. Decode
5. Crash
6. Medicine
7. Again
8. Madeline
9. Stay
10. Archetype
11. FYW
Cristina T. Feliciano - Vocals
Nick Orisino - Guitar
Greg Andrews - Bass
Jason Talley - Drums
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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