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Obscene Jester - Citadel's On Fire

Obscene Jester
Citadel's On Fire
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 26 September 2015, 7:18 AM

Many Metalheads that read my reviews can have the clear idea that I have some negative feelings by Old School Metal bands. No, this isn't the truth. The reality is: many bands are just cloning Metal bands from the 80s without a shred of their own personality.

And remember that your pal, Ole' Big Daddy here is a Metal fan for many years (no, I'm not the real thing or feel myself like that. See me just as a veteran that loves to give a hand when the young ones need), so I can point a clone. But the North American quintet OBSCENE JESTER, from Dallas (Texas) is not a clone, but a survivor. And finally, after years and years, their first album, "Citadel's On Fire", comes to see the light of day.

This reissue is a collection of their first EP (that has the same name from the album) and 11 tracks from the mixing sessions of their never released first album. So, their music can be seen as that mix between Heavy/Power Metal from North American school from the 80s with some Thrash Metal elements, so you can think of a band that has portions of melody in their aggressive musical approach. Of course it can be seen as something that isn't new in musical terms, but we are not dealing with a new band. It's a work that fans from bands as LÄÄZ ROCKIT, LIZZY BORDEN and names from that school.

The sound quality is really something not modern. But please: these songs were recorded in the end of the 80s and without the support from a label, so we can really give it a chance. And besides all, the doses of weight and clearness are balanced in a good form.

"Citadel's On Fire" has some very good moments, as we can hear on songs as the energetic "Statistical Bridge" (some excellent riffs are presented here), the more melodic "Citadel's On Fire" (very good work from drums and bass guitar), and the tasteful "This World" (the tempos are creating a very good musical atmosphere, with fine vocals and guitar solos).

I liked it a lot, and it's good to know that they are back on Metal front.

Forget the clones, and give a chance on "Citadel's On Fire". You'll love it for sure.

4 Star Rating

1. Apocalyptic Prophecy
2. Statistical Bridge
3. Citadel's On Fire
4. Insomnia
5. D.E.A.
6. Stop the Madness
7. This World
8. I Am The One
9. Nothing to Do
10. Last Laugh
11. And It Rose
12. Gunther
13. The Answer
14. The Mourning After
15. This World (Alternate Mix)
16. The Answer (Alternate Mix)
Sammy Stovall - Vocals
Ramiro Noriega - Guitars
Dee Kinnett - Guitars
David Ross - Bass
David Norman - Drums
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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