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Obsession - Marshall Law (Reissue)

Marshall Law (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 December 2017, 10:51 PM

A thunder in the west, more than just a mild noise from afar. The early 80s saw the rising of the US Metal scene, a legacy formed thanks to the promising newcomer bands, surged with inspiration from the NWOBHM scene and plentiful motivation. The Connecticut Traditional Metal band OBSESSION, led by powerhouse vocalist Michael Vescera (VESCERA / ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN / MVP / ex-LOUDNESS) turned up under the emerging Metal Blade Records label’s roster back in 1982, the band’s year of formation, and decided to include one of their earlier demos, “Shadows Of Steel”, in the second edition of the Metal Massacre compilation, quite an honor, and truly an amazing song. The collaboration with the now giant label continued with the release of the band’s debut EP, “Marshall Law”. Almost three and a half decades away, while OBSESSION have already known ups and downs, Inner Wound Recordings reissued “Marshall Law”, a sort of reaffirming of the band’s presence as one of the label’s roster.

The EP’s musical style, on a larger scale, may as well be the direction of the US Metal scene of the 80s, while excluding the Glamish invasion of the later period of the decade. Heavy, hard and sharp guitar sound slicing through the skin, strong and puncturing catchy riffery, tantalizing soloing blasting through, booming vocals and energetic beats, tells the greater story of “Marshall Law”. Surging with a swift powered up opener “Only the Strong Will Survive”, a definite change of scenery for Heavy Metal in comparison to the British counterpart scene. Though not early Thrashing like METALLICA or SLAYER of the time, there is enough vigor in the OBSESSION group. “Execution”, the EP’s top tune, walks that same walk as the previous mentioned tune, yet delivers a bit of catchiness, a sort of a simple memorable mouthful. That song I believe even got to be included in the Metal Blade’s “Total Destruction” compilation in 1984. Even when tuning it down a notch, as illustrated impressively on the epic “Hatred unto Death”, the band is developing a tight build-up towards a deadly number that is both soaring and exciting.

No doubt that “Marshall Law” provided the band a solid ground to begin with. Though they didn’t stay with Metal Blade Records for their debut full-length, but rather signed with Enigma, it serves as a token of history that started something that lived by its promise.

Purchase Link: Inner Wound Recordings

4 Star Rating

1. Only the Strong Will Survive
2. Hatred unto Death
3. Execution
4. Marshall Law
5. Marshall Law (Demo)
Michael Vescera - Vocals
Bruce Vitale - Guitars
Art Maco - Guitars
Matt Karagus - Bass
Jay Mezias - Drums
Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings


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