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Obsidian Sea - Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions

Obsidian Sea
Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions
by Omnius D'Worgen at 12 August 2015, 8:58 PM

OBSIDIAN SEA is a Bulgarian doom metal band, mostly playing old-school doom metal with psychedelic influences (isn't it funny that it's completely different than stoner influences?) Back on topic, "Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions" is the band's second studio album.

I must say that the music puts me in mind a lot more of what is now known as proto-doom than of the pure old school type – the psychedelic influences, along with the relatively low gain, puts me in mind of a beefed up “Green Manalishi”.

Okay, we've started talking about that, so let's continued about the sound: the band sports a rather minimalistic sound, with the bass and drums doing most of the heavy lifting sound-wise, and the guitar and vocals trade off the heavy melodies. The guitar is very low and fuzzy, with many an effect to cause trippy feelings, when needed. The vocals, on the other paw, are high-pitched and are either shouted or chanted repetitively, and with them being rather far back in the mix makes them lose some of their focus, turned down to being another instrument.

As for the arrangements themselves, as per the genre – riff based, repetitive, slow tempo and very heavy. What with the vocals being very droning, the other instruments take up the musical interest in many very long musical intervals – that tend to be overlong. Compensating for an inherent problem of a vocal style in the traditions of the genre is one thing, but some of those intervals take it too far.

Okay, so let's talk about that for a second: doom metal is great. It's one my favourite genres, and has been for a very long time. But that style of heavy and simple is a very slippery slope, with the possibility of going "yeah that's good enough, it's supposed to be repetitive after all" oh so easy to choose. But beware. Laziness, obscurity, excusing with "that's the genre" – the dark side are they.

Most of the music is cool – but I think the band should try hard to leave said slope.

2 Star Rating

1. The Trial of Herostratus
2. Confession
3. Child in the Tower
4. Mulkurul
5. The Fatalist
6. Somnambulism
Anton Avramov - Vocals, Guitars
Bozhidar Parvanov - Bass
Ivaylo Dobrev - Drums
Record Label: Serpent Eve Records


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