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Obszön Geschöpf - Master Of Giallo Award winner

Obszön Geschöpf
Master Of Giallo
by Kevin Burke at 20 January 2019, 8:42 AM

The sound of French-Metal returns with the growl of industrial-doom.  OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF, the outfit which has ruled for over two-decades return with a new release of raw darkness in “Master Of Giallo”. Fans of WHITE ZOMBIE, PANTERA and even TYPE O NEGATIVE will feast with delight on the very bones of this album.  A break of five years since “Highway Of Horrors” so Kelleci Remzi and Matthieu Merklen have come out of the starting blocks running headfirst with passion and hunger.

Featuring a guest list of a staggering forty-six musicians! With ex-members of FEAR FACTORY, KING DIAMOND, KREATOR, WHITE ZOMBIE and CRADLE OF FILTH all contribute and create the creative glue that holds this sublime release together. With a scope of power players such as this, does the album work or become over-pretentious? The answer is simply yes! It works as a whole, kaleidoscope of precision played metal, kicking and screaming from the first strains to the final breath. Opening with the longest track (six-minutes) on the album may seem an odd choice but it sets the scene perfectly, “York Ripper” spews with drama and tension which builds in intensity.  As for the groove-metal of “April Fool’s Massacre”, after again an acoustic intro, it sways with enough anger to keep the listener hooked.

Body Pieces” is a riff-heavy delight of doom, at this point, three-tracks into “Master Of Giallo”, the album settles into its skin, more straightforward at the same time becoming more enjoyable.  The huge drum sound is key here and across all the tracks is joyfully prominent, though on “Murderock” there is a significant switch in the vocal delivery, clean and more pronounced.

The synthesizer sound flows in and out of “Master Of Giallo”, never the centerpiece but to deliver an extra dimension to the sound.  It proves that a synth can be a necessity in doom-ridden noise, checkout the very eighties-sounding “The Moon Watches Me When I Kill”.  You do feel like you are in the midst of a John Carpenter or Wes Craven Soundtrack, perhaps “Escape From New York” in the hands of Rob Zombie.  That is no too far off the mark, with creepy titles like “My Scalpel Dances At Midnight” and “Shadow Of The Hat Killer’s Knife” you get the sense of what lies ahead in this long-player, luckily the songs and how they are constructed stack up well, living up to the expectations that the titles point to.

This is a highly anticipated album, which delivers well, Kelleci Remzi has an obvious vision and sense of direction.  At times the listener may get lost under the themes, the collage of sound which is built and the industrial crash of the delivery.  But this is an album not to be taken seriously like the B-Movies it brings to mind it’s there to be enjoyed.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. York Ripper
2. April Fool’s Massacre
3. Body Pieces
4. Murderock
5. The Moon Watches Me When I Kill
6. The Black Gloves Of Terror
7. My Scalpel Dances At Midnight
8. The Death Kiss
9. Shadow Of The Hat Killer’s Knife
10. Giallo Forever
Kelleci Remzi - Vocalist, Composer, Author
Matthieu Merklen - Guitars/Bass
Record Label: Dark Star Records


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