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Obvurt - Triumph Beyond Adversity Award winner

Triumph Beyond Adversity
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 01 February 2023, 2:45 PM

It’s hard for bands that use a high technical level to break a limit: to reach a broader public, because only 10-15% of the fans are interested on technique. Of course, some works as “2112” (of RUSH) and “Images and Words” (of DREAM THEATER) are examples of it, but’s never easy; and in extreme Metal genres, it can be really a hard trial to do such thing. But the Canadian trio OBVURT is here to try its luck and to win this difficulty with “Triumph Beyond Adversity”, their first album. Their music is as brutal and oppressive as any Death Metal act (so take care of the ears when listening to their music), but the level of technique is extremely high, enabling the trio to create some anthological moments (as the Progressive/Jazz-like parts of “Invisible Enemy”); in other hand, the band’s music has that essential hooking appeal inherited of classic Death Metal (just on an updated version).

So it can be said that they won the trial, creating a technical work, but that is extremely easy to be heard and to fall in love with, because the sum of technical work with brutality is balanced in the right way, and the album spew forth an amazing energy. The sound quality of “Triumph Beyond Adversity” was conceived to align the band’s inner musical brutality and aggressiveness with a care for the fans’ understanding of what they’ll experience on the album. All sounds great, defined and understandable for the senses, with fine instrumental tunes.

No one will say that the trio’s musical work is boring or hard to understand (the main accusations when people write about Technical Death Metal releases). One can say anything, but no one can deny the value shown on songs as “Second Chance” (many dissonant parts and broken rhythms, but the weight and aggressiveness impact in the ear in an excellent way, and what very good grunts are heard), “Invisible Enemy” (another very good and technical song, with many rhythmic changes, and a strong and technical work of bass guitar and drums can be heard; and during the Progressive moment, pay attention to the shreds of the guitar), “Renverser l’adversité” (this one shows some guitar arrangements that brings NOCTURNUS’ work to the mind, with hooking guitar parts and good grunts), and “Life and Death” (another round of technical violence, but pay attention how they work perfectly with ambiences’ changes) and “Versus”. If this one does such thing, this one has problems with their inner parts of the ears, indeed.

“Triumph Beyond Adversity” is just the band’s first album (they have an EP as well, released on 2021), so one must pay attention to OBVURT’s name, indeed. They’ll be great, if the fans give their music a chance (or in other words, if they give themselves a chance)…

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. The Beginning
2. Second Chance
3. Invisible Enemy
4. Halfway from Theory
5. Renverser l’adversité
6. One Last Thing
7. Life and Death
8. Versus
Philippe Drouin - Vocals, Guitars
Alexandre Chouinard - Bass
Charléli Arsenault-Tremblay - Drums
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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