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Occasvs - Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria

Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria
by Angelis Beth Thorny at 24 November 2017, 3:03 PM

In mid 2002 a band from what they would describe like “the entrails of the earth”, namely Santiago DeHellishChile, would start the Chthonic Black Metal Cult of OCCASVS. As the tag explains chthonic comes from something that dwells beneath the earth. As the old (inverted) proverb would say: “As Below, So Above”. I would like to introduce you to “Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria”. The album itself started to be conceived in 2005, but according to the band it wouldn't be successfully completed until 2017 due to line-up adjustments. With these thrilling details, I'll start to descent.

“Andante Nocturno Op.7” is a very theatrical, almost Dark Ambient overture, to “Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria”. Running at 8:45 minutes long and being absorbed and spat back through a maze of keyboard arrangements at times epic and glorious, with overturns that lead to the dungeon of chains and deconstruction, emerging to V day where the horns of victory hail the thunder. It could be said an intro so lengthy prolonged transformed mist into fog.

“Triumphant Defeat”, a miraculous track that brings you back from the obscure lethargic recesses of the maze. It does first introduce Nolvz and the band’s bombastic mastery. His voice was peculiarly interesting. The guttural singing impressed me slightly less than his Hellenic baritone vocals, ICS Vortex should start watching his back.

“Under Human Eyes”, is a blast beater tune. The kind of drumming skill Sinn Hayek mercilessly hits down the skins is absolutely rewarding for all fans of the hit-so-hard KVLT speed of bands like CAVUS.

In “Seer” the initial guitar riffing made me think of DIMMU BORGIR back in 2001 upon the release of “Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia”. The nine-minute song is progressive and reassures the Folk-ish roots synth-clicked in “Andante Nocturno” now introducing acoustic guitar chords and percussive rattles that give a blow of relief to the unstoppable madness that leads the song throughout.

“Union” follows the same formula of its predecessor. Length and intensity with vocal technique intersections between a set of guttural voices, which here were very amusing, and pitch shifted unclean baritone voice. The instrumental and guttural carrying out during this final track are absolutely technical, yet it was perhaps the way everything was combined was what left me lacking.

To The listeners of this kind of Black Metal, which appears to be a predilection to followers of NUCLEAR BLAST, OCCASVS is going to be hit down on the nail's head. It wasn't the intro, or the general mono-tone feeling of the complete album. It was perhaps the high grandiosity with which it was described what drove me to conclude: too much noise too little sound. Nothing one would expect having in account the time of production they took to complete “Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria” dating back to 2005

My general appreciation of the musicians is always positive, OCCASVS aren't the exception. Sinn Hayek's cymbal selection was accurate and his speed precise. Ülmontem riffing on “Triumphant Defeat” were pivotal for making me want to find out the album, and Nolvz voice would only unmatched while singing cleans which became dull and unoriginal after being so seamlessly pushed over and over again.

The uncredited bass and keywords does also receive recognition. The first this was as it should have been; deep and contouring. The second was delicate during the songs, only too much prolonged during the Initial track.

It seems like OCCASVS’ for their very first full-length studio release, were astute at creating expectancy, it would have been much more gratifying if the album itself wasn’t slick and owned some more substance.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Andante Nocturno Op.7
2. Triumphal Defeat
3. Under Human Eyes
4. Psychic Burial
5. Ritual Death
6. Seer
7. Union

Nolvz - Vocals
Ülmontem - Guitar
Sinn Hayek - Drums
Record Label: Unspeakable Records


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