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Occult - Elegy For The Weak (CD)

Elegy For The Weak
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 06 May 2004, 7:22 PM

Thrash attack!!! The experienced Dutch, Occult, return with an album that seems more like a keg full of dynamite and they seem ready and willing to spread your brains on the wall! Dear Thrashers all over the world feel free to commence your inexorable headbanging because this might be the album you 've been long waiting for!
I assume that the majority of the Metal community already knows bio elements and history achievements of a band that's existed for about 15 years on the Metal scene and has toured with many great names like Morbid Angel and Dark Funeral.
So, I'd rather focus on the band's present and future profile as it is of great interest especially after an album like Elegy For The Weak. During the last years the band's been completely dominated by men since Rachel (what do you mean Rachel who??) has joined forces with an old dixie of Death Metal, Sinister(R.I.P). If you believe that a casualty like this causes unhealed wounds to the band's potential, you suffer from a deplorable fallacy! Rachel's departure brought totally positive effects to the band that appear almost everywhere in Elegy for the weak.
The band seems angrier than ever and delivers 10 (without the bonus) boisterous, wrathful, extremely fast paced songs that could easily constitute a war's soundtrack. No mid tempo crap, everything here moves with stellar speed and the rage is truistic. I can assure you that during the listening I had the strange feeling that a group of people wanted to kick my ass!
Their sound is close to other bands of the genre, closer to bands from Germany, like Kreator and Destruction although they are obviously heavier than the aforementioned. The production is exemplary, the drums hammer uninterruptedly, the bass makes the sound solid as a concrete wall and the guitars scythe inconsiderably, bringing mayhem.
Don't miss this album, whether you are a Thrash fan or not. It won't bore anyone that is charmed by the power and the fury of their music. But beware! Before listening to Elegy For The Weak, make sure that no fragile objects are near you…

4 Star Rating

Disturbing The Dead
Nuclear Torment
Nocturnal Predator
Feel The Blade
Obsessed By The Grave
Slaughtering The Pigs
Reapers Call
Slut Of Sodom
Until The Battle (Bonus)
Maurice - Vocals
Richard - Guitars
Twan - Bass
Erik - Drums
Record Label: Karmageddon Media


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