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Oceanhoarse - Dead Reckoning Award winner

Dead Reckoning
by Andrew Harvey at 08 October 2021, 6:39 AM

This four piece band all the way from Finland have been active since their inception in 2016. They are called OCEANHOARSE, they are categorized as a true heavy metal quartet with groove metal and hard rock influences as well. According to one music critic, they said that this “heavy metal group marks a statement against computerized metal music where it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not”. They also went on to say that “with OCEANHOARSE, praised for their weld energy on stage, you’ll see with no backing tracks, but pure, raw and wild - a rarity in heavy music”.

Along the way the band have a number of singles throughout 2018 - 2020 and this year too. They had an EP titled VOLUNTARY BENDS in 2019, a live album called  THE DAMAGE IS DONE-LIVE! In 2020. This was followed on by two more EP releases; the first titled THE DAMAGE and the other titled FROM HELL TO OBLIVION both released earlier this year. Now the band’s very first full length album has officially arrived titled DEAD RECKONING which is now available; digitally, in CD or vinyl too which was released through Noble Demon, a German record label. So into the album, the preliminary track “Headfirst” is basically an intro using instrumental elements of the band. Up next is “Locks” a 3 minute montage of heavy bass tone, relentless guitar solos and mind-blowing drum patterns.

Third in line is “Betrayed By Light” which is full of deafening swings of guitar hooks, drums hammering through the mix and lyrical content loud but right in your face. There seems to be more of a punk, hardcore or metalcore spin in this track. The vocals certainly clip the limit and exceed our expectations. The guitar also varies in pitch like some vibrato or tremolo effects.“One With The Gun” with a more trimmed back mix of melodic guitar, shrieking vocals and thick bass tone.

It’s also another short and sweet track but leading us into the next track. “Reaching Skywards” comes back to the double time metalcore sound with hints of punk as well. This is portrayed well by the drumming, the vocals more rhythmic and have that sense of authority. “Fields of Severed Dreams” starts with a melodic guitar intro with the echo and perhaps grunge/punk sound.This track has similar characteristics to what we have heard before overall, still such a joy to listen to and strikes the heart of the heavy metal or metalcore sound.

“Submersed” is simply a 1 minute and a half guitar solo varying in delay with post-production effects, very nice indeed. “The Intruder” opening with revolving guitar whizz and epic vibrato. The rhythm and tone is just ecstatic and captures the true heavy metal sound as the band has done so far. It’s time to put your fists up in the air and sing along till your voices break or you can just head bang.

“Fight For Tomorrow” almost has the guitar imploding with glorious riffs accompanied by thrashing drums, vocals stay true to the cause of going wild. “From Hell To Oblivion” is just more sizzling guitar projecting into the corners of the audio spectrum. There is some additional vocals, possibly gang vocals and fairly simplified active rock drumming. Lead vocals are just on the money, very hardcore before a huge instrumental breakdown ending on a high. “>>REW” follows on with a mini tape sound effect. But this eleventh track is just the continuity of awesome hardcore sounds that are jaw-dropping.

One last time for absolute madness across the sound field with all instruments. “Dead Reckoning” another guitar based piece with very much what we heard before but perhaps more. “The Damage” is the last hoorah, the final encore bringing the album to a close with majestic sounds of metalcore and punk too. Also check out their own take on the classic track “Duality”(SLIPKNOT) which I didn’t expect but wow, really enjoyed this band.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Headfirst
2. Locks
3. Betrayed By Light
4. One With The Gun
5. Reaching Skywards
6. Fields Of Severed Dreams
7. Submersed
8. The Intruder
9. Flight For Tomorrow
10. From Hell To Oblivion
11. <<REW
12. Dead Reckoning
13. The Damage
Joonas Kosonen - Vocals
Benjamin “Ben Varon” Varonen - Guitar
Jyri Helko - Bass Guitar
Oskari Niemi - Drums
Record Label: Noble Demon


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