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Oceansize - Home And Minor (EP) (CD)

Home And Minor (EP)
by Dimitris Karametros at 05 December 2009, 9:44 PM

OCEANSIZE? Nice  band name,  Home &  Minor nice  album name,  it gives  you the  idea that  you are  about to  listen to  something progressive, something intelligent maybe a little post Metal but I can handle it; I like good, structured, intelligent works, actually it  is my favorite cookie flavor,  Heavy Metal with intelligence. HA!…I WISH!!
Who OCEANSIZE is?  A   five-piece  band   from  Manchester (Maaaaaaaanchester,  Maaaaaaaanchester, I  don't  know   any  Greek   football player,  but I  can talk   about Manchester  United players  and  history  from when  she was  called Newton  Heath back  in 1878)…um..Sorry I drifted away, so back to   OCEANSIZE; five lads  from Manchester  formed  in 1998, a first album in 2003  and up until  now they produced  3 LPs and  5 EPs. You will rightfully ask me and why have we, the Metal fandom, heard about  them? Do they suck so much?. NO, they do not; they just aren't a Heavy Metal band. I
too was befuddled, I placed the CD in the machine and pushed play,  what  came out of the  speakers  soon made  me feel  that  I need to   cuddle plush bears, eat  chocolate  ice cream  and  call my   ex  girlfriend to  reconcile  and ask forgiveness for sleeping  with her  best friend  (couldn't help  it she  was  a whore in bed, sorry)…OH MY   GWAD!! See,  see it  is happening again due  to musical  residues, at that  time I push  eject and not  only ejected it from my machine  but also out  of my  window…THAT, IS THE WORK OF SATAN!!
Seriously, if you managed to reach this paragraph and are still interested I  can say  that Home And Minor is a well crafted EP, the musicians are artists of  their chosen musical style and  deserve to be credited by a Rock or alternative mag, something  that  has  already happened  as  I   was  browsing the Net to find info on OCEANSIZE, a more hard  alternative sound can be found in their LPs  as this is a more down tempo  work (yes, I am not that  much of a Mofo I do my research) it just doesn't fit in a Heavy Metal E- zine such as  ours.
I will not rate it as this has nothing to do with Heavy  Metal, as an alternative Rock album reminiscent to SIGUR ROS, AIR and if I was to rate them for their musical genre  they deserve an 8 out of 10. Well crafted, self produced but a little too moody.

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Legal Teens
Getting Where Water Cannot
Home & Minor
The Strand
Line Up
Steve Durose - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Richard Gambler Ingram - Guitar, Keyboards
Mark Heron - Drums, Percussion
Steven Hodson - Bass, Keyboards
Mike Vennart - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Record Label: Superball Music


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