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Octave Jaw - Octave Jaw Award winner

Octave Jaw
Octave Jaw
by Jeff Legg at 16 August 2014, 5:46 PM

These days, anyone with a computer and some cheap recording software, can easily release their own music, making the necessity of a record deal not nearly as important as it once was. And with social media and digital music outlets putting that music in the hands of the fans, relatively overnight, this process has been a blessing for many artists. At the same time, this saturation leaves a great deal of really good bands lost in the fray. Finding that hidden gem, through the easily available and overly excessive volume of recorded music, has kept me searching high and low for any of these elusive jewels.  OCTAVE JAW, a smokin’ four piece, hard rock band from Oklahoma, is truly a “diamond in the rough” and with just the right amount of polishing and some solid promotion behind them, have the potential to become a serious player in the hard rock arena.  And by the sound of their independently released, self-titled debut album, they’re well on their way to doing just that.

Consisting of Larry Carter on vocals/guitar, Jeremy Carter on lead guitar, Greg Morgan on bass, and KC Carlile on drums, OCTAVE JAW play a groove-infused style of dark and heavy, eerily melodic, guitar driven rock n’ roll that will sooth your soul. They sound to me like a mixture of STAIND and MONSTER MAGNET with a hint of early 90’s bands, ALICE IN CHAINS and PEARL JAM, sprinkled in. “Octave Jaw” takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion with haunting, down-tempo intros that ever so smoothly turn into power chords and raging vocals, as if something just pissed them off, (i.e. “Bleed the Freak” by A.I.C.). Front man Larry Carter has a melodically powerful voice and displays his full range to perfection. Possessing a soft, subtle side, as well as the power of CHRIS CORNELL, this guy has the pipes to carry this band to stardom. His brother, Jeremy Carter, is an exceptional axe wielder that plays his doom style of heaviness with fury. With all of the tempo changes, Morgan and Carlile solidify this offering with a massively heavy dose of bottom end and should not be discounted as just the other guys in the band. There is no void of angst and passion from this 9-track collection of unrestrained talent and power and could easily be confused with a well-funded, major label release.

With the hard rock genre in desperate need of talented bands to carry the torch, OCTAVE JAW plays a sound that sells. Their strong debut album displays enough talent and substance to put their name squarely on the hard rock map and they should be considered one of the up and coming bands of 2014. All of the digging has paid off this time, as I’ve found a good one. What a find!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Never Free
2. She Said
3. Precursor
4. Light
5. Sin Eater
6. Come With Me
7. The Space
8. Well
9. Novocaine
Larry Carter– Vocals/Guitars
Jeremy Carter – Lead Guitar
Greg Morgan – Bass
KC Carlile – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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