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October Tide - Winged Waltz

October Tide
Winged Waltz
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 15 September 2016, 6:23 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: OCTOBER TIDE; hailing from Sweden, Stockholm, performing Melodic Doom/Death Metal…signed via Agonia Records, on their 5th 2016 album entitled - “Winged Waltz”.

With 4 records behind them since formation in 1994: “Rain Without End” (1997), “Grey Dawn” (1999), “A Thin Shell” (2010), and “Tunnel Of No Light” – I'm acquainted with an infusion of melodies in Doom Metal… that is one thing; then there's Death Metal in one neat package - OCTOBER TIDE. While it's arguably relevant in Death Metal…it's certainly an interesting implementation in Doom Metal. “Winged Waltz” is my first examination for the quintet in question; at first my expectations were in the middle however, as soon as I checked them out; I was enjoying a nice slab of solidified Metal. While the quartet's name doesn't agree with me; their musicianship is one of a kind, and very unique in terms of originality. What is easily notable is how Doom Metal and Death Metal collide with the guttural growls of Death and the atmospheric elements of Doom adequately provide an integrate blend of distinctive talents…

Performing with consistency; dexterity and, passion…we have Alexander Högbom on vocals in which he experiments the guttural growls of Death and agonizing Black screams that magnify with excellence in this instrumentation merger. Fredrik Norrman and Mattias Norrman; brothers in arms, combine riffery of exquisite melodies - subsequently creating heavy riffs that pound eardrums with power. Speaking of power, we also have Jonas Sköld on drums and Johan Jönsegård on bass evidently provide a powerhouse of consistent proportions; substantially showcasing characteristics that embody musicianship of unprecedented skill. “Winged Waltz” is undoubtedly an emotionally charged disc; filled with compassion in their attempts to deliver one of the most atmospheric yet heaviest records of 2016. Energized with devastating (in a good way) Metal - OCTOBER TIDE consists of bands from KATATONIA in this super group of epic proportions.

8 lengthy tracks totaling up to about 50 minutes makes this a record that provides a worthy listen. Going in blindly without listening to KATATONIA properly before; I turn on the first track: “Swarm” wholeheartedly I am stunned with brutal sound production, and fulfilled instantly with hard-hitting Metal, colliding with atmospheric proportions. “Sleepless Sun”, “Reckless Abandon” continues to roll the doom-filled ball with adept coherence. I do believe that lack of diversity in a Doom/Death band is warranted when it needs to be, so I’m not going to discern that; as long as it sounds solid and stellar, I'm game. This is abound in “A Question Ignite”, which has a satisfyingly warm and organic sound that continues to build up in “Nursed By The Cold”, and “Lost In Rapture” succeeds with brilliance due to slick riffing of abundant mastery. “Perilous” and “Coffins Of November” end “Winged Waltz” in spectacular dreary, but such melodic doomy fashion.

Winged Waltz” is far from bad; in my opinion…it's capable of professional expertise to indulge the eardrums with unprecedented imagination. If you're looking for something that's monumental for an unrevealed discovery; look no further.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Swarm
2. Sleepless Sun
3. Reckless Abandon
4. A Question Ignite
5. Nursed By The Cold
6. Lost In Rapture
7. Perilous
8. Coffins Of November
Alexander Högbom - Vocals
Fredrik Norrman - Guitars
Jonas Sköld - Drums
Johan Jönsegård - Bass
Mattias Norrman - Guitars
Record Label: Agonia Records


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