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October Falls - The Streams Of The End (CD)

October Falls
The Streams Of The End
by Yiannis Doukas at 20 November 2007, 12:45 PM

This band is the musical expression of Mikko Lehto, who wants to bring us close to icy landscapes, the smell of burning wood and the tranquility or the calm of the northern forests. For this mini release, V. Metsola and M. Auerkallio helped him to fulfill his inspiration. There are also two more releases, the Tuoni EP in 2003 and the Marras full-length in 2005, but I have not checked them (yet) so I cannot make any comparisons to this one.
The sound has elements from EMPYRIUM's first album and AGALLOCH. A mix of acoustic guitars grimy lead guitars, black metal howls and vocals and mid-tempo drumming. The result - can be said - succeeds in its purpose as the listener's fantasy and mind are traveling to these lands while the body can feel the breath of icy-winter airs.
Shores Of Fire can be considered as the best track.  White Northern Soils or Funeral Pyres, without being bad, may be a little tiring. These two songs do not have any special structure and it's difficult to gain your attention. The last one works as an outro with only acoustic guitars and a nice theme idea. Included to all these are sounds from fires, winds etc and I believe you will get a clear image of their sound.
Have not anything else to add; it's a nice try and I think a coming full-length will be better.

3 Star Rating

Shores Of Fire
White Northern Soils
Funeral Pyres
The Streams Of The End
Mikko Lehto - Vocals, Guitars
V. Metsola - Bass
M. Auerkallio - Drums
Record Label: Debemur Morti Productions


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