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Odin - Best Of (CD)

Best Of
by Grigoris Chronis at 10 May 2009, 1:43 PM

Let's see…ODIN emerged from the Californian sun in the early 80s, the brainchild of the Duncan brothers - along with extraordinaire singer Randy O and fluent bassist Aaron Samson - cut its teeth in the developing (bang then) LA scene. Something like a Metal band with a glam outfit, ODIN went to be famous for their killer live gigs but never made it to the big league (even if many may recall the name from the The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years documentary movie). Omit guitarist Jeff Duncan, who enjoyed good success with one of the best Metal bands the States ever offered, called ARMORED SAINT.
This is not a 'best of' collection, on second thought; it's an 'all of' one, haha. Included is the whole Don't Take No For An Answer EP (originally issued in 1985 and never released on CD format) plus most of the The Gods Must Be Crazy LP (1987) and…anyway, the ODIN discography is kinda messed up, with 2001's By The Gods compilation featuring a previous - to the one herein reviewed -  collection of ODIN songs. The band's blend is focused in the American Metal music of the 80s, with enough melodic references and some inconsistency in the playing (and production). Some great ideas are present in the 1985 EP, while the 1987 LP is more un-balanced.
The vocals of Randy O feature some primitive melody, but when he wants to go sky high he's ruthless to the bone. The guitars themes - most of them, actually - expose some nice spirit and, teaming up with some great rhythm section, end up building a total of songs surely interesting but not that impressive to bring the band to the next level.
ODIN could have made it to something bigger, but - in my opinion - they needed some more help in the production plus they should work more in controlling their own songwriting in terms of designing some more solid volume. That does not mean - of course - that 80s US Metal followers should not keep an eye on this recent release, since they'll surely have a nice time with the band's music (somewhere between LIZZY BORDEN, NIGHTCRAWLER, early SAVATAGE and GARGOYLE with a glimpse of DOKKEN and Y&T, for those who know).
I really wonder how many will buy this album, without just wanting to update their dusty vinyl collection…

P.S.: Jeff and Shawn are also in a band called DC4 (if the band has not called it quits by now…), alongside other brother Matt Duncan (bass) and ex-DIO axeman Rowan Robertson.

Don't Take No For An Answer (Club Vodka 2008)

3 Star Rating

The Writer      
One Day To Live      
Don't Take No For An Answer      
Solar Eye      
Shining Love      
Judgement Day      
Fight For Your Life      
She Was The One      
Serenade To The Court      
Modern Day King      
Stranger Tonight      
12 O'Clock High      
Midnight Flight      
Little Gypsy      
Over Your Head      
She Needs My Love      
Let The Show Begin
Randy O - Vocals
Jeff Duncan - Guitars
Shawn Duncan - Drums
Aaron Samson - Bass
Record Label: Perris Records


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