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Odium - Burning The Bridges To Nowhere

Burning The Bridges To Nowhere
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 15 November 2012, 3:22 PM

Canadian ODIUM was founded in 2006. The band released 3 albums –2006’s EP “The Glass Barricade”, 2009’s “At The Bottom” and 2012’s “Burning The Bridges To Nowhere”.This album contains 10 songs, each and every one of them is totally different. They have been connecting melody with brutality, also combing those opposites and going from one musical extremity to another.

On the opening song, “Burning The Bridges To Nowhere”, there are fast trillguitars and insane drums spread like wildfire. The vocals seem to connect different styles in an effortless manner. After rapping with the heaviness of rhythmical section which is similar to BIOHAZARD, some screamos followed clear vocals. “The Descent” is a totally different piece than the other songs on the album. It is a ballad with poignant melodic of Tom Emmans's singing, beautifully tuned acoustic guitars, unruffled drums and violin play in the background.

An attention should be reserved for the album’s 4th track called “Blue Channel”. The guitars sound so 80s like. From first chords it felt so good, that this song is amazing. The vocals seem so gentle and harmonious. This line sound very similar to ILL NINO’s frontman, true Nu Metal type with melodic clean vocals. Another song, “Viral By Nature”, is again a journey with crazy machine drums, powerful rhythm section, perfect guitar riffs and growls mixed with melodic singing. Here the growls reminded me of CHIMAIRA’s frontman. The clean vocals are pristine and Emmans’ singing sound like Aaron Lewis of STAIND. In “Insomnia” the listener is hit by a wave of heavy riffs, literally like an invading army somewhere near, technically amazing performance of drums with guitars and bitter melodic singing.

Interesting experiment was made in “Claw My Eyes Out” amped with Gregorian style harmony only to erupt with screamos later. The melodic guitars and chorus are nice, easy to listen. Similarity to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, check out the second track “Within The Distraction” where there are sweet and hard riffs, drum whirl with odd time signatures. Also once again there is the usual exchange between growls and clean vocals. It should be noted that this track also has a guitar solo, a hell of tune.Coming forward with vengeance there are strong riffs as a rollercoaster on “Identity Of The Doomed”. “No Way Out” is an explosive mixture, melodic riffs, growls in the manner of TRIVIUM and SLIPKNOT and an once again clean vocals blend. In the background there are fast drums and general chaos. It is an interesting song, you can see how they connect with several types of Metal, totally different styles.

ODIUM from Ontario is a really interesting band. The musicians have been trying to implement various types of Metal, from the melodic ends to the upper scales of Nu and extreme Metal. Also visible are the influences taken from the 80s, especially the methods of the guitar soloing. These guys play music from their heart & soul and its shows. Every song on “Burning The Bridges To Nowhere” is a surprise. You can never know what to expect. The negative, more on the production end, is that sometimes the noise double-kick drum rhythms are disturbing. With the band’s articulate playing, it is rather hard to keep their creations in one’s memory.

This album is necessary position for fans of CHIMAIRA, SOULFLY, STAIND, STAIND, SLIPKNOT, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SEETHER, DEMON HUNTER and generally for every Metal fan likes mixed things – melodic with brutality, for any Metalhead who wants to listen to something new.

4 Star Rating

1. Burning the Bridges to Nowhere
2. Within the Distraction
3. Blue Channel
4. Viral by Nature
5. Insomnia
6. The Ghost Upstairs
7. Claw My Eyes Out
8. Identity of the Doomed
9. No Way Out
10. The Descent
Tom Emmans - Vocals
Dale Burrows – Bass, Backing Vocals
Bo Louther- Guitars
Andrew Fullerton- Guitars
Joe Mullen - Drums
Record Label: Year Of The Sun Records


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