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Of Fire - Death To Us All

Of Fire
Death To Us All
by Bruno Diniz at 12 June 2017, 10:57 AM

The Swedish band OF FIRE releases their second album entitled "Death To Us All". The production and mixing were done independently as in "Carnage Fever", released in 2014. The soul of the musicality of the band is based on the old school Swedish Death Metal. So, we expect nothing less than a sound that is "groovy and heavy as shit", as named by the band itself in its official Facebook banner. The quintet is formed by Robin Joelsson (Vocals), Jonathan Thunell (Guitar), Rick Williamsson (Drums), Martin Johansson (Bass) and Rasmus Thunell (Guitar).

The choice of the initial track "Monster" could have been better. Not that the song is bad, but there are other tracks that would fit in a more expressive way, demonstrating better the footprint and the dark terrain where the band will roam through in the album. "Straight From The Grave", for example, would be one of them. Heavy, very well built and Death Metal in body and soul. "Scavengers" is deep, melancholic and depressing, portraying well the band's name as if there really was fire inside each interpreter- it is also my favorite track on the album. It was even chosen by the band for the video clip to promote there new work.

"The Shrine" begins to give a little sign of tiredness and lack of creativity. Having the same construction and riffs that are very similar to the two previous songs. The same thing happens in "Ett Helvett" and "Pestilence". "The Burden" is a track that has a slightly different construction, with the more drawn passages and a more decadent rhythm, while "World Decomposing" can become a band anthem. A long song (almost twelve minutes), with deep lyrics and several changes of very intense tempo.

"Death To Us All" does not bring us something really innovative, but for fans of the old school of Swedish Death Metal, it's a good call. Although the band is somewhat repetitive in some tracks, the work itself is well done and pretty groovy to be enjoyed several times.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1- Monster
2- Straight From The Grave
3- Scavengers
4- The Shrine
5- Ett Helvete
6- Pestilence
7- The Burden
8- World Decomposing
Robin Joelsson - Vocals
Jonathan Thunell  - Guitar
Rick Williamsson - Drums
Martin Johansson - Bass
Rasmus Thunell  - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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