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Of The Sun - Before a Human Path

Of The Sun
Before a Human Path
by JOGANEGAR at 29 June 2017, 11:12 AM

OF THE SUN is a band originally from Austin Texas in the United Stated of America and “Before a Human Path” is their second full length work, released early in this year. A work of genuine approach to Prog, Groove and Tech metal with some elements that add up to an album of valuable targets all together. I liked all the songs in this record except for “A Soliloquy” an unnecessary use of the word fuck from a band that has otherwise demonstrated that they have more talent and capability to do well founded tracks like the other four in this work, starting with a prog oriented harmony the song decreases in quality up to the moment above mentioned, never the less the intricate guitar and rhythm work towards the end suggests this could have become a better track without that “hype” detail, Other than that I think this band has a lot going on for the Groove Metal scene, a contribution for the upcoming career of this band and the others trying to broaden their horizon in the musical scene, whether underground or mainstream.

A true example of what young groove metal must be, the most significant track in this album, at least for your truly, is without any doubt, “Nebulamorphous” immediately references the listener to DOWN and PANTERA, the reminiscence of this concepts can add up to the band in this period they are facing, but can embody the deviation of true self to a band seeking to create its own style and walk its own to self-discovery and creation. A band thirsty for knowledge and hungry for experience, creating a personal blend of all the elements that they consider important and valuable to express without any boundaries or labels to their music. The potential they have is their greatest asset, and with time and boldness in their favor, this young band has nowhere to go but up, defining their true self in the process and the features that will allow them to acquire the style and projection they furiously search for.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Tight Rope Mile
2. Nebulamorphous
3. Cantos
4. A Soliloquy
5. The Limbless God
David Duvall  - Bass & vocals
Johnny Reed – Drums
Patrick Duvall - Lead vocals & guitar
Record Label: Independent


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