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Officium Triste - Charcoal Hearts - 15 Years Of Hurt (CD)

Officium Triste
Charcoal Hearts - 15 Years Of Hurt
by Harry Papadopoulos at 07 June 2009, 2:06 PM

Compilation: A collection of short works (thanks Wikipedia). I never liked the term. If you are a true fan of a band, you have all their albums. I prefer when bands are releasing a CD or LP with tracks that are only in some special editions or from some releases that are sold out. And this is a release that - partially - is one of those.

But before looking deeper into Charcoal Hearts let's see together some things about the band, since even I didn't know much. OFFICIUM TRISTE was born back in 1994 from Johan and Martin Kwakernaak; yes, they are brothers. Now, if I start writing about their difficulties, such as members who switched musical instruments as well as lineup changes, it would have taken us over an hour of writing and at least twenty lines! So I will only mark that they have released 4 full length albums, two EP's and a split with COLD MOURNING during those years.

So, it is time for the one million dollar question: What about Charcoal Hearts? Well, over here we have eight old tracks and a brand new composition, No Hope, that is opening the album. I have to admit that the new track was a positive surprise for me! Even though Doom Metal borders are not that expandable, meaning that the limits to experiment are narrow and that you don't expect anything that new, OFFICIUM TRISTE manages to write a good melancholic song with the atmosphere needed for that kind of music. As for the rest, well I'm not into the idea of re-recording an old song. Even though I have never listened to the previous version of Divinity, and I did like the new one, I can't understand the reason for it to be recorded again. It's like leaving behind something you did just because you, probably, don't like it anymore. The acoustic version of My Charcoal Heart didn't touch me. In my humble opinion, it lacks power and by that I don't mean distortion in the guitars but the emotional one.

As for the rest: well, the cover of Love Like Blood from KILLING JOKE is a very good one, since they managed to put some characteristics of their sound in the song. As for the older stuff, those are from releases that are sold out. This is a good move in order for the fans to grab a hand on them and the MY DYING BRIDE-like Doom fans to listen to some nice compositions.

Charcoal Hearts is not bad. In fact it is a good start for someone to start listening to OFFICIUM TRISTE. But I did expect more things from a compilation. Well at the end it's always the listener's opinion if he'll get the CD or not.

3 Star Rating

No Hope
Divinity (Re-Recorded)
My Charcoal Heart (Acoustic Version)
Love Like Blood (KILLING JOKE Cover)
Fading Like A Dying Candle
Downfall (Through Veils Of Grey)
Intro: Officium Triste Part II
Mountains Of Depressiveness
Dreams Of Sorrow
Pim Blankenstein - Vocals
Bram Bijlhout - Guitars
Gerard - Guitars
Lawrence Mayer - Bass
Martin Kwakernaak - Synths
Ronald Lagerwaard - Drums
Record Label: Displeased Records


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