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Old Chapel - Visions From Beyond Award winner

Old Chapel
Visions From Beyond
by Aiden Baker at 10 April 2017, 7:10 AM

OLD CHAPEL is a Russian Death Metal band. “Visions From Beyond” is a full length album release. “Disastrous Rite” opens the album. I think Satan may have started a band. Slow distorted guitars drag you through the songs intro, straight into a Black Metal style riff with iconic Death metal vocals and drums. ‘Pavel Suslov’ barks away like an angry dog while the floor shakes beneath him due to the pure evil riff which runs throughout this song. The words “strong opener” would not do this track justice. “Stairs To The Vault” opens at a blistering pace and shows no signs of slowing, then you hit the breakdown. Suddenly the drummer’s blast beats stop, the screams get deeper and the guitarist starts chugging away like a demonic train and everyone involved makes our lives a little bit better with the power of death!

“Towards The End” is a brutally slow track with iconic riffs and a thumping drum kit. The ever-present low growl of the vocalist makes this track a must listen for a Death Metal fan. The drummer takes control of this track with a variety of speeds, beats and techniques, while the guitarist charges behind with a distorted crunchy tone giving his part a sharp edge to cut through any background noise. “Leaving A Body” once again is a slower track with a big sound. The vocals adopt a more rumbly tone this time and the drums take a backseat leaving the guitarist to lead the charge. When the song eventually speeds up it does so with style, as they do not hide sub-par playing and riffs behind speed. Skill is shown throughout.

“Witchboard” kicks in like a jet engine, fast and loud. Heavy hitting drums are once again present. Speed is key here and boy is there speed a song at this pace should require a pilot’s licence. The vocals take a deep dark tone while the drums thump away to match…a spectacular track. When it finally slows down, it takes little time to regain its speed much to the listener’s enjoyment. OLD CHAPEL does not disappoint. They engage the listener from start to end, and repetitiveness is not an issue here as each song brings something unique to the table any fan of death metal will appreciate this album.

Song writing: 8
Originality: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Disastrous Rite
2. Stairs To The Vault
3. The Burning
4. Towards The End
5. The Nightmare Room
6. Skullhunter
7. Leaving A Body
8. Witchboard
9. Paura Nella Citta Dei Morti Viventi 
Pavel Suslov - Vocals
Sergei Karpukhin – Drums
Alexei Mazur – Guitar 
Record Label: Chaos Records


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