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Old Roger’s Revenge - Vengeance of Blackbeard

Old Roger’s Revenge
Vengeance of Blackbeard
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 15 July 2020, 3:29 PM

Musical experiments are a set of ideas turned into music to search for different ways, to be from others, to become unique in a world full of musical clones. And sometimes, such experiments become hard to label (just as a reference for the listeners). And on the work of OLD ROGER’S REVENGE shown on “Vengeance of Blackbeard”, is one of these occasions…

Using a form of melodic Groove Metal with some influences from DOWN in some moments with Death Metal, Thrash Metal and even Grindcore parts, it becomes impossible to say what their musical genre. Maybe it’s the best they can do for the band, because no dummy will have a reference to be attached to, so the only thing to be done is to hear and take your own conclusions. It bears brutal aggressive parts, but some melodic and catching moments as well. Simple like that, but it’s really very good.

The sound quality of “Vengeance of Blackbeard” was conceived and built to allow the band to express its ideas in a way that anyone can fully understand what they’re playing. But it has a nasty and organic feeling on its melodic moments, allowing their melodies to be assimilated by the senses.

All the songs are very good, but as said above, it’s made of contrasts, and they need patience from the listeners. But it’s impossible to resist “Dead Men Tell No Tales” (in some moments, sounds as a Grindcore song, on others is filled with Groove Metal melodic influences, with good contrasts between clean vocals as nasty screams), “The Sealane” (this one has some Old School Death Metal influences on guitars in some parts, remind old CELTIC FROST, but with fine melodic arrangements as well), “Lies” (the great part of its rhythm is based on Groove Metal, but with nasty Thrash/Death Metal touches), “Vengeance of Blackbeard” (an aggressive Groove/Thrash Metal technical song, with moments that show influences from PANTERA during “Far Beyond Driven” times on bass guitar and drums), “The Hangman’s Face” (another very good blend between Grindcore parts with Groove Metal melodies), and “Light House of Death” (a lot of Groove Metal melodic lines mixing with nasty Stoner Metal touches, and some extreme vocals) are the best ones for a first time on their work.

“Vengeance of the Blackbeard” is not so easy to be swallowed hearing it just one time, so give the pirates of OLD ROGER’S REVENGE a chance, for you won’t regret it!

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Dead Men Tell No Tales
2. The Sealane
3. Lies
4. Vengeance of Blackbeard
5. Red Moon
6. Never Set Sail on a Friday
7. Drown Into the Depths
8. Sun, Sea, Blood and Booty
9. The Hangman’s Face
10. The Workaholic
11. Light House of Death
12. Marooned
Roberto Puissa (JollySixRobert) - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Andrea Marchetti - Lead Guitars
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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Edited 05 August 2020

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