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Old Season - Beyond The Black

Old Season
Beyond The Black
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 July 2017, 11:25 PM

Creating an epic, a story, a tale is a challenge that is heavily demanding. When integrated with music, the task gets tougher, and the brainstorming done to make it of interest might send one banging its head to the wall. Then again, it is a journey that may as well be a means to find one’s self. I have been fortunate enough to get to know a band that found itself unraveling new music, after so long since their debut album. The Irish OLD SEASON, a group that was an alien to me until the first time I took a listen, signed with Pure Steel Records for the release of their sophomore, “Beyond The Black”. Such form of Epic Heavy Metal that took me a bit by surprise, especially when it's made in a decade where tradition is almost on the side of the road.

I have been over numerous acts that originated in the British Isle, following the same spectrum as OLD SEASON, and if there was one thing that this kind of music, which is to me mainly the storytelling abilities as the core, is the hardship to create a flow in the songs. Now, when it comes to OLD SEASON, their music might be driven from the NWOBHM shell, yet also knew how to adequately assimilate modern elements into their compositions. Generating a sound that nods to both past and present, their Heavy Metal is intensely melodic, compiled of variations that could be noticed on early British Metal albums, along with twin guitar action, while their riffery shares qualities of Hard Rock to Progressive Metal, well not that progressed yet steps out of the box here and there. Therefore, “Beyond The Black” displays an assorted form that attempts to be just a tad diverse in order to be relevant and fresh. Furthermore, I was astonished by the high quality of the band’s new singer, bearing a name that is no less than a commitment to excellence. Surely one of the driving force of the band and this new album.

At first I had another hit song in mind to present, however, I couldn’t turn away from the sheer superiority of the last track “Nevermore”. This is a model of a true Heavy Metal epic. It might be lengthy, yet the minutes faded like seconds. Such gratifying passion for a tale, for the drama, virtually a song for generations, stellar melodies and ample ability to keep the whole shebang in context. If you were looking for a bit of a punch, I would recommend on “Scavenger”, displaying a strong traditional melodic Metal, it might not be overly catchy songwriting, not as if it is on demand, yet clearly shows a solid front and of course the band’s profound playing abilities. “The Journeyman” is a kind of a bonfire song, or storytelling act, that turns into a metallic artistry, certainly one of the best tracks that this album can offer, with a lot of old school British Metal focus that turned it into a modulated 80s Metal song. Also recommended: “Elegy”, “A New Dawn”, “The Void”.

Though picking a title that is closer to a cliché, OLD SEASON proved the other way around with their music. There is something magical upon creating an Epic. Armed with intriguing concepts, and a Metal form that is directed towards melody, the only way is up.

Purchase Link: Pure Steel Records

4 Star Rating

1. A New Dawn
2. Scavenger
3. Chosen
4. Elegy
5. The Journeyman
6. Rivers of Cepha
7. Words From Beyond…
8. The Void
9. Nevermore
John Bonham - Vocals
Jimmy Blanchfield - Guitars
Anto Walsh - Drums
Dermod Smyth - Piano / Keyboards
Dave Copley - Bass
Jimmy Kiernan - Guitars
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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